Young people, do you have the courage to try Gap year?

"Gap Year", explained in Chinese, is the interval year. It refers to people who already have jobs in order to temporarily jump out of a fixed life mode, resign and travel at intervals to adjust their mind and body and experience a new life.


Try Gap year

On July 21st, the professional traveler Gu Yue said in a microblog to a couple who traveled through 18 countries in asia. Gap Year, as far as I know, is the traditional rite of the young people in the UK. Their Gap Year dreams and are happy for them.

"Gap Year", explained in Chinese, is the interval year. It refers to people who already have jobs in order to temporarily jump out of a fixed life mode, resign and travel at intervals to adjust their mind and body and experience a new life.

The Tony Wheeler, the founder of the now-famous backpacker travel guide "Lonely Planet," wrote the first book "Cheap Asia" after such a trip.

But in the current environment, is the gap year feasible? What kind of conditions must we consider when we want to jump out of a fixed working mode? What kind of impact does this gap experience have on re-employment?

This is the future I am looking at?

“Jumping out” requires courage

Just last week, Cherry submitted a resignation application to the supervisor. The supervisor asked her: Find a better job? Answer no. Asked again: Is it because of the problem of getting married?

During the past eight years of work, Cherry has become accustomed to working overtime, because in a company doing personnel training, there are always planning books and training sessions that can't be played. There is nothing to entertaining at home, the only interest is to look at the travel satellite. Speaking of travel TV, the hottest column now is the travel documentary "The Walker". The most popular in "The Walker" is the Chinese-American youth named Gu Yue.

Gu Yue is really a bit of a person. Internship at Intel, financial in the United States GE, Kangzhuang Avenue was in front of Gu Yue, but he suddenly panicked. So, at the age of 24, he quit his job and sold all his family. He started his own "Gap Year": starting from Seattle, carrying a backpack, three cameras, and a one-way ticket, spending two years and one week, leaving In 18 countries, I finally took a 42-hour train ride from Turpan, Xinjiang, back to my birthplace, Beijing.

Gu Yue stayed in Beijing for a while, but he didn't want to wear a suit anymore. Traveling made him contaminated with literary art and planned to make movies. Then there were two documentaries in "The Walker" - "Climb to Berlin" and "All the Way to the South".

In the "The Gap Year" group on Douban, Gu Yue is an idol. Young people who come out of Gap from time to time. The pair of 80-year-old couples "thank you" and "vegetables" both resigned. 40,000 yuan spent 10 months traveling through 18 countries including India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. "Backpacker Ye Bo" spent 50,000 yuan on a 365-day trip to Southeast Asia.

Cherry said that she always wanted to know what she could do besides being able to do the established personnel work. Can I only accept blind date, get married, have children, and wait for retirement in this stable position? These people have given Her "jumping out" motivation, this year is her "Gap Year", she wants to rest for half a year, plans to "all the way west", will go to Sichuan and Tibet.

“Jumping out” requires courage

Just in the period when Cherry resigned, another girl Cindy came back from France. After graduating, Cindy worked as a market planner in a foreign company in Shanghai. She resigned a year ago and went to France to study. In one year, she walked nearly 40 countries, lived in youth hostels, took trains and low-cost airlines. After returning, the former supervisor took the initiative to call Cindy, invited her to continue to work, and promised to promote to the first level.

Cindy said: I gave up a year of high-paying work, and it was very tangled when I made this decision. After all, the work is very good, and I am not too young. The former classmates have been married and have children, but I have to "was" one year to wander.

"Because I have contacted many foreign friends at work and I have also been exposed to the Gap Year culture, my heart has actually decided that it will take a little bit of courage to put it into practice." Cindy is very fortunate, "Although not a long time in a year, Let me learn a lot of things to do things. Jump out of the place, give yourself a chance to breathe, and seriously think about where you should go."

The meaning of "Gap Year" may not only be isolation, rest or long-sightedness, but also a process of reflection and cultivation. Ding Lei, a teacher at the Deep Blue Psychological Counseling Center in Hangzhou, said that there are such young people around him. He traveled a large circle in the domestic backpack and started working again. He changed from a mechanic to a software marketer. He felt that The job of dealing with people is what he likes.

At least everyone has Gap Weekend

Ding Lei encourages young people to try more before the age of 30, whether it is work or other challenges, because young people can afford to lose. But the behavior of "Gap Year" also needs to vary from person to person, personality is extroverted, lively, adaptable, like change, people who like to try new things can try.

On the other hand, it depends on the actual conditions. The actual conditions include the economic foundation, the nature of the work and the characteristics of the company. If there is no good economic foundation, but only the pursuit of freedom and dreams, Ding Lei believes that the risk is great. Maslow's level of need tells us that we can only meet the needs of survival before we can meet the needs of higher levels.

Gap always has a time limit. When you want to return to the normal working track, Ding Lei believes that for those who are engaged in work that requires creativity and broad thinking, the gap experience is definitely beneficial. Travel can make him jump out of the inherent mode of thinking. Go higher and farther, and be more confident. But for others that require stereotypes and specific work, it may be disadvantageous, because if one has too many ideas, it is often difficult to calm down and deal with very single and repetitive work.

Ding Lei suggested that you should consider your own personal and material conditions to achieve a balance between reality and ideals. Real conditions are not allowed. Everyone should have a psychology of sour grapes and sweet lemons: imagine what is not available (grape) as bad or not what you like (sour), but what you have already got but not yourself I like what I like (lemon) imagines good (sweet).

"This is a positive psychological defense mechanism, because our life can't be all right, what we want can't get everything," Ding Lei said.

Take a step back and say, if you can't do the gap year, but you can go month every year, or use the annual break system to get a gap week, and then bad, at least everyone has a gap weekend, let yourself completely relax for 48 hours, the effect is good of. (daily business report)

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