Travel is the nutrition of life

Petty bourgeoisie is the first impression of many people about girls after the 80s. However, in the major travel agencies with "blood tour" as a bait, for those 80-year-old girls who are gradually economically secretly sending Qiu Bo, there are such a group of "scorned material" 80-year travel enthusiasts turn a blind eye to this choice.


Travel is the nutrition of life

Petty bourgeoisie is the first impression of many people about girls after the 80s. However, in the major travel agencies with "blood tour" as a bait, for those 80-year-old girls who are gradually economically secretly sending Qiu Bo, there are such a group of "scorned material" 80-year travel enthusiasts turn a blind eye to this choice. Every year, they carry a rucksack and use their own power to set off to the more remote and remote countries. For them, travel is not materialistic and talkative, not because of the vanity that others have gone, but life experience. The reporter recently visited the young but experienced explorer Zhou Lanyi, through in-depth interviews, to show the travel posture of the "package" girls of different 80s.

Full self-help manual

1. Determine the destination;

2. Looking for information, usually buy LP books ("oneone planet") and check the information in "poor travel network";

3. Determine the route and time, estimated approximate cost;

4. Search for the travel partner on the “Mill House” (domestic self-help website);

5. Order a round-trip ticket to the destination;

6. Entrust a visa company visa, or go to the embassy visa in person; book the place of arrival on the night of arrival, usually a youth hostel.

Take three to six months to prepare

Like to be undeveloped

Zhou Lanxuan, a psychology lecturer at a university in Guangzhou, is a typical post-80s girl. She was born in 1982. She has a baby face. She joked that every time she hears a student calling her "Zhou Teacher", she will be very guilty. Looking at the appearance alone, it is really difficult to connect the petite girl with the word "exploration". However, the list of countries she has traveled is really amazing - Nepal, India, Turkey, Tanzania , Uganda, Kenya...

“Self-help tour” is the preferred way of travel for Zhou Lanxuan and friends. Compared to the “self-help tour” where travel agents book flights and hotels, their self-service travel style is more authentic. Zhou Lanxi said. From airfare to hotel, from travel routes to travel partners, all the size of the trip is handled by oneself, so they often spend 3-6 months or more before the trip to prepare. Compared with the more popular petty bourgeoisie lines in Europe and America, Zhou Lanyi prefers some undeveloped countries and regions. She told reporters: "Because the routes of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea are mature and urbanized, they may not be in the next few decades. There will be changes, and the cultural atmosphere there will be more modern. In India and East Africa, the local culture and natural attractions are slowly disappearing. If people go more, the so-called original taste is even less, so fight for early Go some."

Of course, going to a more beautiful and original place often requires more time and money to prepare. "I used to think that rich people went to Europe and didn't have money to go to Africa. Later, I found out that the opposite is true. East Africa is a place where rich people go, and travel costs are high." Zhou Lanxi said. The 22-day trip to East Africa cost her 21,000 yuan, and the money came from her monthly salary, and she didn't feel heartbroken at all. In Zhou Lanxuan's view, there is no conflict between work and entertainment. Because of serious work, there will be money. It is because of the heavy workload that travel has become the driving force and rest of work. She said that travel is the nutrition of life, no more, and more money is also empty and lost. At the same time, she will share some precious travel experiences, such as interpersonal communication and frustration, in the classroom with her students.

Climbing the first peak in Africa

Four people share a basin of water to wash their faces

Speaking of the most impressive place in the trip, Zhou Lanyi said that it is Mount Kilimanjaro. “Hemingway wrote a book, “The Snow of Kilimanjaro,” which is my first impression of the first peak in Africa. But I couldn’t think of it because I met her and I met the most in life. A beautiful day.” Kilimanjaro is the first peak in Africa and the only snowy mountain in the equator. Due to the warming of the earth, its snow will probably melt in 2015. It is said that if you can see the top of the mountain, it will be good luck, so Zhou Lanyi’s biggest wish in East Africa’s trip is to climb the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. In order to satisfy this wish, she and her partners spent a full six days. During these six days, they saw a snow-capped mountain like a fairyland, and saw the sunrise that is considered to be the most beautiful, and it has also undergone difficulties and obstacles. "Because of the lack of water, and because of our lack of funds, the mountaineering company only provides a small basin of water for us. It is not enough to wash our face. We can actually use four of them to wash our teeth. Look at those foreigners and wash one foot. There were two blacks serving, and I really felt 'money blame' at the time." She said with a smile. "No way, the children of the poor family can only look for water to wash their hair. It is a small puddle, we actually wash it. It’s very fast.” Despite the difficulty of water shortage, despite being constantly overtaken by foreigners around me, although they have gone to sleep at the end of the day, they have risen step by step, but they still insist on climbing to the ground. The top of the mountain.

The Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, which gave Zhou Lanyi a very strong shock, said with emotion: "On the summit, hug the crying moments with your friends, look around, the rising sun, the sea of ​​clouds, The white snow flutters, the blue sky, I have never felt the beauty of life. Because there are no obstacles, I can feel the earth is round."

Self-guided non-blind tour:

Don't bring a sense of superiority to be environmentally friendly

In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way and collecting interesting stories, many people are more concerned about what should be done if there are difficulties in the journey of a foreign country. After several years of travel tour abroad, Zhou Lanyi summed up his own exclusive experience -

First of all, pay attention to respecting the habits and customs of local people. Don't be too a tourist. Especially in some backward places, if you always have a sense of superiority, it will be very offensive. At the same time, the most important thing we often overlook is the issue of environmental protection. Many hotels in foreign countries do not provide disposable items. "I saw the white rabbit's toffee paper on Mount Kilimanjaro and felt very blushing." Zhou Lanyi told reporters, "There is also a foreign youth hostel to be self-service, that is, after you have finished living, you have to pack it up. Pour the garbage, or put the garbage in the trash can, use the used cups and bowls and put them back in place. But after many Chinese people have finished living, the quilts will not be sorted out, and the garbage will be thrown on the table, as if they feel that they have to pay for the service. It is precisely forgotten that the purpose of the Youth Hostel is self-service."

In choosing a travel partner, Zhou Lanxi said that as long as everyone understands each other, there should be no serious problems. Before you leave, it is best to discuss the route with the travel partner. Moreover, it is best not to rely on others, or to solve it on your own. It is very important to cooperate with each other on the road. It is best to open a "global pass" to travel abroad, because you can switch to a local call as soon as you go to the local area. When you get off the plane, you can receive calls from the local Chinese embassy, ​​emergency calls, and local police stations. Of course, it is best to buy the appropriate insurance before departure, and leave the phone and emergency contact information of all the companions to the family.

Exotic self-guided tour

Most favored by the "sea return" after the 80s

The reporter learned from Zhou Lanqi that since the foreign self-help tour requires certain economic and language skills, the 80-year-old “sea return” group with the experience of studying abroad is the most powerful component. First of all, they have strong language skills, followed by a relatively stable salary, which is also a prerequisite for supporting them to travel smoothly in a foreign country. Exotic self-help travel often requires a huge travel budget. Maybe because of the courage and “hardship” spirit of visiting the remote and unpopular countries, the “rich second generation” that relies on parental support in this group of people is not Majority. (Xinhua)

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