Thousands of travel websites in Hainan hit the price war

[May Point Network] So far, only Hainan's tourism websites have been thousands of, and have been seriously saturated. In this context, Hainan’s tourism website homogenization phenomenon is getting more and more serious;

[May Point Network] So far, only Hainan's tourism websites have been thousands of, and have been seriously saturated. In this context, the phenomenon of homogenization of Hainan's tourism websites has become more and more serious; it has invariably spawned a round of price wars.

Every reporter, Min Min, from Shenzhen, Sanya

With the slogan of "Working Together to Make Brilliance", Ctrip has gone through ten years of wind and rain. Just as it entered the eleventh year of the spring, Ctrip was pushed to the cusp.

On March 10th, Ctrip released a high-profile "Ctrip Hotel Lowest Price Commitment" in Shanghai: "If Ctrip member price is higher than other websites' open price, pay 3 times the difference." Just when people are suspicious of this commitment, the online forum is exposed. A paper "Ctrip to the hotel proposal" - the war of words to upgrade to "initiative door."

For the fierce competition in Hainan's online travel market, which is reflected in the “Promoter Gate”, “Daily Economic News” launched an investigation in Sanya and other places.

"lowest price" raises questions

Before released the "Ctrip Hotel Lowest Price Commitment" (hereinafter referred to as "Commitment"), Ctrip has promised that "Ctrip membership price is higher than the hotel front desk discount price, paying 3 times the difference." At this point, Ctrip has made a double triple compensation commitment.

Ctrip senior vice president Yang Tao told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" on March 29: "The purpose of this commitment is to create a better consumer environment for consumers, reduce transaction costs, and help them find cost-effective faster and more smoothly. The hotel protects the interests of consumers."

However, industry insiders pointed out that this dual commitment, which seems to be "sincere and sincere", does not actually have much effect.

"This is undoubtedly a joke. I don't know if Ctrip has counted how many websites are engaged in hotel reservations. In the face of competition from thousands of business travel websites, Ctrip has to do the so-called 'lowest price guarantee', almost Impossible! Can you guarantee a lower price than any website?” Hainan’s head of a well-known travel agency, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Economic News reporter.

The above-mentioned insiders also said: "If Ctrip really promises 'three times compensation', as long as there are consumers, the market has a website with a lower price than Ctrip. Once the customer asks for compensation, Ctrip will face very serious consequences."

However, in the view of Ctrip's vice president Yang Tao, "the customer's response is very good." He revealed that as of last Friday's total of 10 million, Ctrip's total of more than 500,000 hotel orders, the customer feedback and compliance with 20 conditions, the ratio of total orders is very small, in line with Ctrip's expectations.

At the same time, some market participants pointed out that the deeper significance of Ctrip's move is the marketing level. “This can be seen as a marketing tool, and ultimately it is intended to further enhance the brand value and image in the hearts of the public.”

The hotel claims that it has not received a "ticket"

Why is Ctrip able to achieve "the lowest price of all websites"? When Ctrip "double 3 times payout" was questioned, a " hotel proposal" was exposed.

Around March 10th, a number of web posts called "Ctrip Travel Network Cooperative Hotel Proposal" (hereinafter referred to as "Proposal") appeared in successive major website forums. According to the content of the net post, the "Proposal" was sent to Ctrip's major hotels [11.88 -1.00%]. The "Proposal" stated that some travel agencies and websites on the market have long published the hotel's reserve price to the middlemen on the Internet. Malicious price competition to attract customers. If you still ignore the dishonest behavior of these travel agencies and website destruction rules, it will not only make the customers feel uncomfortable with the various prices on the Internet, but also greatly reduce the satisfaction, but also seriously damage the hotel price system.

The net post "Proposal" said that Ctrip hopes that the hotel will remove these inverted prices from the website before March 10. If the price still exists on the Internet within the specified date, Ctrip will take measures to deal with it, including “please pay the hotel to pay 3 times the difference”, “sell the hotel products at Ctrip online” and “ The right to temporarily terminate the cooperation with the hotel is reserved."

Whether the "Proposal" that was accused of "forced the palace" was issued by Ctrip, "Daily Economic News" was not confirmed by However, the "Daily Economic News" reporter interviewed a number of hotels in Sanya, Hainan, and many responsible persons made it clear that they had received the "Proposal" issued by Ctrip. Among them, many hotels have expressed their "difficulty" to Ctrip's initiative.

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