The New Deal is catching up with the summer file and boosting New Zealand's anti-season tour in advance

In the film and television market, the blockbuster "summer file" will generally get a better box office. Recently, the reporter learned in the tourism market that some countries "take the passengers" as soon as possible, and this season's "summer file" also...

In the film and television market, the blockbuster "summer file" will generally get a better box office. Recently, the reporter learned in the tourism market that some countries have begun to take action in advance in this season. . For example, the New Zealand Tourism Board has recently adjusted the original visa policy in a timely manner, and has begun to prepare for the New Zealand winter off-season tour in time to respond promptly to the phenomenon that the tourism market may fall from the peak season after August.

In order to attract more tourists, the New Zealand tourist visa application process has undergone a number of improvements, including a substantial increase in the number of multiple entry and exit visas, an extended stay period of up to six months, and the number of pages of the application form reduced from more than 20 pages. 4 pages, and allow applicants to submit application materials in Chinese.

Because Oceania is in a different hemisphere from China, New Zealand and Australia are typical of anti-seasonal tours. New Zealand's tourist routes are selling well, with New Zealand and Australia connecting and New Zealand's in-depth travel. After the relaxation of the tourist visa, more and more citizens will choose to travel to New Zealand. At the same time, during the National Day Golden Week, the new tour entered the publicity period in the “Summer File”, and the relevant tourist routes have been launched. For example, the “New Zealand North and South Island 8-Day Tour” route from Shanghai, quoted at 15000-17000 during the National Day. Yuan or so.

Although New Zealand tourism has a small share of the overall outbound travel market and is less prominent than Southeast Asia, the proportion of travellers has been increasing in recent years. In particular, as of the year of June this year, New Zealand received a total of 131,000 Chinese tourists, a record high. At present, China is New Zealand's fourth largest tourist source country, second only to Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. In the past, New Zealand only issued multiple entry visas to Chinese citizens under special circumstances, and now the New Zealand Consulate's Immigrant Visa Office has issued multiple entry visas as a routine treatment. This means that visa holders will be allowed to visit New Zealand multiple times a year for up to six months. The new policy will bring a greater degree of fire to the new tour in winter, especially in the depth of the market. The outstanding performance will be reflected in this year's winter and spring festival tourism market.

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