The automobile insurance claims in the rainy season are learned

In the summer, many people are eagerly awaiting the painful rains, but the heavy rains in Beijing before now still leave many motorized vehicle owners with fresh memories. It is heartbreaking. Since the beginning of this year, there have been a number of internal guilts in the country, causing a certain amount of economic losses. Although various insurance companies have taken actions and paid quickly, the loss of motor vehicles alone will still bring inconvenience to owners.

Bohai Insurance prompts its riders to carefully reduce the risk and loss of insurance by applying reasonable insurance and applying for claims. First of all, as one of the most important types of commercial vehicle insurance, most owners will purchase a vehicle damage insurance for their cars. Vehicle damage insurance can compensate vehicle losses caused by rainstorms and floods. The scope of compensation includes flooding due to rain flooding into the vehicle body, resulting in the loss of cushions, circuits, and components of the vehicle; inadvertent drifting in water or other causes. Damage caused by bruises; loss of trailers and other rescue costs.

Owners must pay attention to the fact that if the insured vehicle is wading or flooding behind the accumulating surface, the engine damage is not part of the vehicle damage insurance claim. Of course, if the owner of the vehicle purchases a type of additional risk called “engine special damage insurance” while purchasing the vehicle damage insurance, the situation will be different. The engine special damage insurance protects the wading losses such as engine damage caused by engine flooding in the form of vehicle damage insurance. According to the insurance clause, the engine special damage insurance is mainly applicable to flooded vehicles and exhaust pipes or intake pipes at the time of heavy rain and floods. The driver continues to start the motor vehicle or uses inertia to start the motor vehicle; after heavy rainfall and flooding , start the motor vehicle without necessary treatment. In case of damage caused in both cases, the engine can be compensated for special damages.

However, it needs to be explained that even if the engine special damage insurance is purchased, the loss of the engine caused by the forced launch of the motor vehicle after being flooded is still not covered by the claim. Because of this situation, the car igniting the fire in the water will cause the water to enter the engine from the valve and cause damage. This is a fault of the owner, so the loss can only be borne by the owner. This means that if a vehicle is flooded or soaked, it is best for the owner to contact the insurance company at the earliest opportunity to follow the instructions of the surveying and damage management personnel, and do not rush to start the car or wading. The damage caused cannot be obtained by the insurance company.

While purchasing insurance for the car, Bohai Insurance reminds car owners to also care about their own driving safety. The frequent rainy season accidents may cause the driver or other personnel in the car to be injured. Both the TAC insurance and the commercial three-person insurance coverage do not include the personnel in the vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended that vehicle owners insure the on-board personnel liability insurance for themselves and Friends add a guarantee and reduce one point of risk.

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