Summer makeup moisturizing oil control is the key

Every woman in her workplace carries bags of makeup, and she wears makeup products more or less, but in the summer in which her makeup is easily applied, makeup is the focus.

It is recommended that professional women put some cotton pads or cotton swabs in the office. After returning from the outdoors to the office, they should use a cotton pad to sip their entire face, and the sample will be able to remove the oil and dust. Then spray a little moisturizing spray on the piece of cotton to press the entire face once again, to set the makeup and to calm the skin. For the sake of portability, beauty experts recommend that you put loose powder in a small box to make up at any time. Moreover, the air-conditioning of the office is always pulling out the skin's moisture, and a bottle of moisturizing spray is often needed to relieve the dryness of the skin, especially the fragile corners of the mouth and around the eyes, and it is also the site to be strengthened.

Summer faces love oil, many women like to use oil-absorbent paper to wipe their faces. In fact, this habit is not good. Beauty experts say that the number of day-use blotting papers should not exceed two times, but more will make the face oil more serious. Choose to take a full face oil once a day at noon and make up your makeup. After oil absorption, first spray moisturizer on the face, pat dry, and then mix the sunscreen milk and liquid foundation, tap, tap on the skin, absorb quickly and well. Finally, put some loose powder on the makeup, and then spray a moisturizing spray, perfect makeup can easily get.

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