Rationally seeks the United States to avoid the four major plastic risks

Plastic surgery is different from commodities. It does not have uniform evaluation criteria, so it is not good for foreign countries. The aesthetic standards of different regional cultures are not the same. The assessment of the postoperative effect of physicians and patients is inconsistent. Advocating and blindly admiring foreign plastic surgery is a misunderstanding, and even cosmetic surgery is a totally wrong idea.

1, incision infection Plastic surgery is generally not easy to infect aseptic surgery, but there are still some risks, the prevention of infection is mainly in the course of surgery, the doctor should follow the aseptic principle, after surgery to maintain the clean, hygienic, preventive use of antibiotics , One has signs of infection in a timely manner to open the dressing, dressing, keep the flow of liquid to facilitate recovery.

2, urinary tract infection surgery long urinary retention is the main factor causing urinary tract infection, so do urethral catheterization if necessary after early plastic surgery, but the catheter indwelling time generally should not be too long, frequent urination, urgency, urine Pain and other symptoms should be more water, follow the doctor's advice oral antibiotic treatment.

3, incision suture incision suture tension is too large, stitches prematurely or combined with other effects of incision healing systemic diseases can cause incision dehiscence, prevent incision dehiscence should pay attention to protect the incision, avoid strenuous exercise, not in a hurry Removal of stitches can delay stitches for older people and other systemic diseases that affect wound healing.

4, postoperative bleeding after surgery bleeding is a common complication of surgery, a small amount of bleeding manifested as dressing bleeding, postoperative skin purple, if the accumulated blood in time to clear, purple gradually fade will not cause serious impact, if bleeding, bright red color In severe cases, it manifests as systemic ischemic symptoms such as palpitation, thirst, and paleness. Failure to get timely control may cause shock and even death.

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