Qin Hong: real estate ** innovation to be "broken"

Qin Hong, deputy director of the Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, recently stated at the China Real Estate Development Summit Forum organized by Guanghua School of Management at Peking University that real estate financing innovation urgently needs to be “broken”. In the future, the introduction of equity investment will promote a number of specialized real estate investment companies.

Qin Hong believes that at present, real estate development companies have begun to pay attention to the urgency and importance of direct financing to solve corporate financial problems. In the past, the real estate industry relied mainly on indirect financing, such as bank loans. The supply side and demand side used leverage to enlarge their investment capacity, so the bubble in this market could easily arise. The direct financing model will play a very good role in inhibiting the real estate market bubble.

In addition, she believes that the real estate rental market cannot rely entirely on private investment, but should vigorously develop institutional ownership of housing. For example, a real estate development company specifically develops a community for renting. "Without long-term financial support, it is impossible to hold houses for rental for a long period of time. Therefore, it depends on financial innovation and long-term capital investment. The government supports taxation or financial subsidies."

Qin Hong said that the guidance of real estate investment and just needed funds as the real estate industry's supply funds, can ease the pressure on housing prices. "If we organize idle funds in society, we should balance investment and supply." She pointed out that the development companies are now under tight funding, which directly leads to a decrease in the area of ​​purchased land, a drop in new construction areas, and a decrease in construction area, which will affect the supply of housing in the later period. .

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