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“The park management people rent out the venue to make money. We don't have a place to exercise. We don't even let bicycles enter parks. We display big commercial cranes and forklifts put scales on the road to crush the road.” Yan Yuru complained of exercising. Recently, the Administration Office of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, leased public venues to the “Kistler Jade Trade Fair” for profit, and the public was accused of it. The park under pressure forced the “order-by-passenger order”. Eventually, the Kistler Fair ended. On the 15th, the reporter saw at the scene that most of the exhibitors had already withdrawn.

On the evening of August 11th, the reporter went to the park and saw the green tents on both sides of a small road in the north of the park. It was a scene of a stone and jade exhibition selling white stones, jade, jade and pearls. The park became a hypermarket, and the exercise site was invaded, so some citizens complained to the relevant government departments.

The reporter learned that these merchants are from Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and Xinjiang, and there are altogether more than 400 merchants from 192 merchants. They paid RMB 1,000 to Wang Enfang, general manager of the organizer Penglai Fangsheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Fees, but the park has always refused to power merchants. On August 8th, the exhibitor discovered that Wang Enfang suddenly disappeared and received notice of a deadline to evacuate the park. “The exhibition was only able to drive us away one day. Taiyuan’s freight from the northeast took more than 10,000 yuan. The old Jincai tossed the goods to the shelves. I had 6 stalls and paid 6,000 yuan. I’ve only earned 1,000 yuan so far. A trip back and forth, three or four thousand yuan will be lost, and how can a company stand up to such a loss?” said Li Gang, an exhibition vendor from Nehe, Heilongjiang Province.

The reporter learned from the management office in Taiyuan Park that the organizer had rented the park grounds for 10 days at a price of 15,000 yuan and had paid 2000 yuan in advance to the park management office. Regarding whether the park management can lease the park site to carry out business-type activities, the deputy director of Taiyuan City Bureau of Forestry Rong Supei responded to the reporter. As a full-fledged business unit, the park can only be used for public recreation, popular science propaganda, and commemoration. Non-profit activities such as day gatherings are firmly not allowed to engage in commercial profit-making activities.

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