My opinion on the development of poverty-stricken regional airports: deepening reform based on people

Recently, it was learned that a brother branch airport was forced to cancel flights due to insufficient customer resources in less than one month after the third resumption of flight, and once again fell into operational difficulties.

It is reported that 80% of the 144 airports in China are long-term losses due to insufficient customer resources. It is worrying that many regional airports are difficult to survive or develop. How to develop regional air transport? The industry has done a lot of discussion and experimentation, and there is no shortage of high opinions. The author sits in the well and observes the glimpse of the development of the regional airport from the following aspects, only representing personal views.

First, the development of poverty-stricken regional airports

1. Immature management. Judging from the reasons for finding itself, some branch airports still have loose management and chaotic goals. The execution and combat effectiveness of the organization are not strong; some also follow the entrepreneurial style of the original administrative institutions. They did not have too much integration into the concept of market competition, but also held high the banner of deepening reform, while stubbornly sticking to the management philosophy of "only me alone." The rigidity of the management system is backward, the distribution of the salary system is unfair, the seniority of the employer system and the gangs of the gangs are “stationary hills”, and the business is conservatively solidified. The accumulation of these enterprises has finally led to difficulties in enterprise development.

2. Restricted by local economic development. In some areas, the economy is relatively backward, tourism resources are relatively scarce or the tourism industry needs to be developed. The national industry is starting, the economic level is not high, and the local financial constraints make the development of the local economy inconsistent with the development of the regional air transport industry in a short period of time. .

3. The cost control is not strict and the asset loss is serious. The cost of enterprise expenditure is too large, the reception and reception tasks are heavy, the phenomenon of extravagance and waste is serious, the loss of assets is obvious, and the operating income is very small, which makes the loss increase, and the enterprise is caught in a quagmire that is difficult to extricate itself.

4. Impact by sea and land transportation. The regional economy is relatively active, and the sea and land transportation is quite convenient, which makes the cost difference between aviation and sea and land transportation large, which makes the competitiveness of air transportation weaker than sea and land transportation. This includes money costs, time costs, and security costs.

5. Too blind investment and diversified operations. In order to seek for the development of poverty alleviation, we do not proceed from our own reality, do not seriously investigate or investigate, do not go deep into the investigation, blindly copy the successful model of the outside world, make some investments, engage in diversified operations, and increase the overall income, but the cost is far higher. The total income, and the cruelty of market competition, can also cause potential dangers at any time. This disease development has finally increased the burden on enterprises.

6, the constant influx of personnel, increased the burden of the enterprise. The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the replacement of new and old personnel. Some enterprises are clamoring for the "good opportunity" for reform, ignoring the current needs of their own development. For some reason, the continuous growth of employees has made the enterprises that are already overwhelmed and difficult to move.

Second, the development of poverty-stricken regional airports

1. Implement a people-oriented strategy and deepen market system reform.

Talents are the most valuable first resource of an enterprise. Therefore, the formulation and implementation of various systems should be people-oriented. We must fully respect talents and rationally develop and utilize talents. According to the principles of management, employee satisfaction with the company can be transformed into loyalty, and the level of loyalty is proportional to the size of enthusiasm and creativity. It is suggested that fundamentally completely change the rules and regulations that are not suitable for the development of the enterprise, and establish a flexible and advanced modern enterprise system. This includes the establishment of a sound and fair salary and welfare system, an active and fierce employment system, a timely and smooth information channel system, a proactive corporate culture system, and a market-oriented management system.

2. Integrate into local economic construction and strive for local government support.

The local feeder airport is a window for each region and is a benchmark for economic development in the region. The development of the airport should be subject to the local economic construction. Therefore, the airport authorities should strengthen management, provide quality services, establish a local window image, and serve the local economic development. With the continuous deepening of civil aviation reform, the airport groups have just been reorganized, and it is still difficult for the group companies to give excessive support to the poor regional airports below. As a normal matter, if the economic benefits are sufficient, the poverty-stricken airport will not be able to solve the problem of food and clothing, let alone to make a profit. The losses of many poor regional airports are still rising. Therefore, the regional airport must obtain the trust and strong support of the local government, including financial, policy, and operational support. In recent years, the local economies have been growing at different speeds. As long as the local government attaches importance to the development of regional airports and solve problems in a fruitful manner, it is necessary for the local government to create city business cards, attract investment, stimulate local economic growth and revitalize the poverty-stricken regional airports. A good way.

3. Actively explore the aviation market and focus on the development of the main industry.

Due to the limitation of its specific geographical environment and economic environment, the poverty-stricken regional airport should not invest too much in the construction and operation of non-main business in a short period of time, and should not blindly engage in the business model of the secondary supporter. The author believes that the main task of the regional airport is to do a good job in air and passenger transportation to ensure aviation safety. At present, freight is still a blank in most of the feeder transportation. Is it possible to open up new markets in this respect? The airport authorities should focus on developing transportation production, develop and consolidate routes with airlines and improve their services, and attract more airlines to develop the market. Only the number of flights on the route has been increased, which has led to the rapid development of airport shops, water bars, restaurants, parking charges, airport buses, airport advertisements, etc., and finally achieved the comprehensive and harmonious development of the airport industry and embarked on a virtuous cycle.

4. Effectively control the resources of the enterprise and create a talented team.

Any enterprise should strengthen the effective management of existing resources and strengthen the awareness of cost control. This is a long-term solution for business development. Therefore, it is necessary to start with saving a piece of paper, a drop of water, and a degree of electricity. The development of regional airports cannot carry too much burden, and it is necessary to be flexible and mobile. At the same time, we must also control the entry and exit of personnel to reduce the burden and loss of enterprises. Therefore, the staff of the feeder line airport requires less and more precise, and implements a multi-functional, multi-person, multi-job, and a team of capable and comprehensive talents.

5. Improve airport software and hardware facilities and enhance market competitiveness.

Most of the regional airport hardware facilities are relatively simple and the service level needs to be improved. Therefore, its market competitiveness is not strong. In addition, the fact that the cost of regional air tickets is relatively expensive has resulted in a poor current situation of small passenger traffic at the feeder line and a small amount of flights. The failure of the new route and the suspension after the resumption of the trip have not only caused the airlines to lose confidence, but also caused the management of the airport authorities to be chaotic, the staff team was unstable and there was no sense of security. Therefore, we must do our utmost to improve the necessary facilities and equipment of the airport, enhance the service-oriented service principle of “customer-oriented”, establish and improve the emergency response plan for abnormal flight, and completely change the face of cold face, hard communication or leave the passengers uninterested. The situation, the service of the heart, attract and retain the guests, and earnestly achieve the service standards of "people-oriented, customer-oriented" to enhance market competitiveness.

6. Strengthen corporate culture propaganda and establish the brand image of the airport.

Corporate culture is the soul of enterprise survival and development, and is a solid foundation for building core competitiveness. We must not only establish and improve the advanced corporate culture system, but also strengthen the strong publicity of corporate culture to the outside world. It is recommended to make full use of information platforms such as newspapers, radio, television, internal publications, newspapers, and networks to strengthen the all-round, multi-angle and deep-level publicity of enterprises. Internally, we must let the corporate culture penetrate the hearts of the people, arm the mind with advanced concepts, form a strong joint force to jointly promote the development of the enterprise; externally establish the brand image of the airport to provide high-quality and efficient services for local economic development, let the outside world enter Airports, understand civil aviation, care about the growth of the airport and promote the harmonious development of the local economy.

Third, the development of poverty-stricken regional airports

1. China's civil aviation industry is in a period of change. Reform is inevitable, but I am afraid that it will be changed too frequently today. If you are going to make a fortune tomorrow, you will come to the custody and make the already fragile poverty line. The airport is not at all trying to develop, but in the constant changes, it is exhausted and loses people's hearts.

2. It is said that it is development with a heart, people-oriented, and deepening the reform of the market system, but I am afraid that it is a set of one, and I still do my own thing, but I am the only one. As long as the airport does not stop, the reform is successful!

3. It is important for enterprises to develop and control costs, but they are only at the expense of lowering labor costs and safety costs, harming the interests of employees and enterprises, and finally achieving the outstanding performance of “loss of XXX compared with the previous year”, and they are also complacent. Self-appreciation and self-acclaiming. I don’t know what the employees think, and where is the development of the company?

4. It is necessary to win the support of the local government, airlines and civil aviation superior management departments, and it is also a relative period. This is just help, not reliance. I am afraid that I will lose my entrepreneurial spirit of self-reliance, and I will seek support for a whole life, but I will not be enterprising, develop, and lose my entrepreneurial spirit.

In short, the development of poverty-stricken regional airports should be cautious and bold. It must be integrated into the modern market economy environment, people-oriented, quality management, reform and innovation, and arduous struggle. We must learn from the advanced experience of poverty alleviation, and we must adapt to local conditions and learn from each other. We must strive for external support and self-reliance to create a path of poverty alleviation.

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