How to fly over the Flame Mountain - weather services under volcanic ash

On April 14, the Icelandic volcano erupted again after a lapse of nearly a month, releasing 10 to 20 times more energy than the last eruption. The volcanic ash cloud spread eastward along the westerly winds to most of Europe, causing the closure of British civil aviation airports, and thousands of flights to and from countries affected by volcanic ash clouds in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark were forced to cancel.

The reason why volcanic ash clouds seriously affect aviation flight is mainly because the volcanic ash cloud contains not only the tiny particles of stones, glass and sand that block the jet engine, but also the silica that will adhere to the engine blades and cause the engine to stop. In short, volcanic ash can cause blockages inside the engine and block the airspeed sensor, which can cause erroneous readings and stall the aircraft, and the pilot may not know the speed at that time, ultimately jeopardizing the flight safety of the flight. In 1982, after a Boeing 747 from British Airways PLC (British Airways PLC) passed through the volcanic ash cloud over Indonesia, all four engines failed. Although the engine was lucky enough to restart, it was a very dangerous experience.

In the face of the threat of volcanic ash, human power is minimal. In order to better understand and monitor the global volcanic activity, the harm to humans will be reduced. The world has established 9 in London, Toulouse, Anchorage, Washington, Montreal, Darwin, Wellington, Tokyo and Buenos Aires. A volcanic ash advisory center is responsible for providing information on volcanic eruptions worldwide and the movement and location of volcanic ash clouds. Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull Glacier volcano is within the jurisdiction of the British National Meteorological Administration's volcanic ash advisory center. Since the release of the first volcanic ash advisory information at 20:00 on April 14, the volcanic ash cloud has been closely monitored. , updated every 6 hours. There is no volcanic ash advisory center in China, with 90 degrees east longitude, and two volcanic ash advisory centers in Tokyo and Toulouse, France, are responsible for monitoring and releasing volcanic activities in China.

In accordance with the provisions of Annex 3 of the ICAO Convention, Aeronautical Meteorological Services, nine meteorological surveillance stations, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, Xi'an and Urumqi, were established in accordance with China’s air traffic control zones, as in other States Parties. Wuhan and Sanya are responsible for providing the release of important meteorological information affecting the region. When the volcanic ash affects China's airspace, the civil aviation meteorological department fully exploits the advantages of integration, overcomes difficulties in technical means, and links up and down, resource sharing, cooperation, and tracking at any time, in accordance with the release and exchange of civil aviation flight information. The Measures, timely release of volcanic ash warnings, focused on the video conference of the civil aviation operation coordination decision system, and strive to do aviation weather services.

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