How should cold chain logistics face the "saturated" market?

How should cold chain logistics face the "saturated" market? The tragedy of China's economy is excess production capacity and the dual economy. The cold chain logistics also has these two problems.

From the market, the difference between capacity density and demand density is too much excess capacity. And demand density is what we call the market. When demand density is equal to capacity density, it is called saturation. And our current saturation is not market saturation, but an artificial saturation, a saturation caused by the mindset.

In Datong's environment, we artificially maintain our market share in several large customers. Such as frozen food manufacturing customers and some pharmaceutical customers. What always goes is the upstream industry. When the needs of the upstream industry are met, the cold-chain logistics market is “naturally” saturated. The cold chain logistics in our mind is facing the upstream customers because the cold chain car will never make a trip for a pack of frozen dumplings. So retail naturally has nothing to do with the cold chain. This artificial saturation greatly limits the development of the cold chain.

Does the downstream really have nothing to do with cold chain logistics? Have seen a news about missing frozen food in retail. Missing has been selling its own frozen food on the Internet, but due to the logistics, it can only be set up to reach several popular areas. Such unfavorable logistics capabilities led to zero trading volume at the miss shop. This is the sign of market saturation!

On the other hand, behind such a large number of such retail demand can not be satisfied is the abnormal development of cold-chain logistics. Just take the big and the same route and do not estimate the needs of SMEs or even individuals. You can see that all kinds of cold chain cars are on the high speed, but when you need one to serve you, you can't find it. This is the tragedy of the cold chain industry that developed abnormally. The regulations related to the national cold chain rule came up one after another, but there was no article that allowed the big cold chain to break into its own cold chain, serving everybody who needed a cold chain. Such unsatisfactory information means that cold-chain logistics companies are required to make every plan, be prepared to serve anyone, and seize every business opportunity.

This shows that we are not facing a highly saturated market, but we are facing a highly stereotyped ideology. What we need is to broaden our thinking and vigorously develop the market. When cold-chain logistics develops its own market, it can get out of the ever-changing capacity and the status quo in the colder sectors of the dual economy and move toward a new height.

Our government is promoting creative industries. The creative industry has advocated the formal elimination of Datong and created a new era of diversification. Cold chain logistics can not always go to homogenization services and large-scale development. We need a wide range of diversified and personalized services, a kind of cold chain logistics that belongs to the whole people, not just for large companies and The consortium's "royal special".

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