Google Zhao Dongping: Last year, advertising revenue exceeded 30 billion US dollars

The 2011 APEC SME Summit was held in Chengdu on August 29 and the first day was the e-commerce theme day. In the e-commerce innovation: economic development power theme forum, Zhao Dongping, Director of online sales and operations of Google Greater China, said that at the core, Google is a company that hopes to rely on innovation to achieve breakthroughs in products to improve people’s lives. Just now that we were all kinds of companies, we were one of the largest media and advertising companies in the world. We had more than $30 billion in sales revenue in advertising last year. We hope to help various e-commerce companies find their customers through accurate marketing.

The following is a partial record of Zhao Dongping:

Zhao Dongping: Good afternoon, everyone. I was Zhao Dongping from Google. Every time I came to Chengdu, I was very happy because eating and playing here were the best places. Everyone knows what company Google is. Recently it was said that Google is a car company, a hardware company, and possibly a financial company. We and MasterCard do a solution for mobile payment. At the core, Google is a company that hopes to make breakthroughs in innovation through products and improve people's lives. Why do we make cars? This is an off-topic statement. Our test driverless car in California has traveled 300,000 kilometers without any accident. 300,000 kilometers is equivalent to the 15 years of the family's history. Its ultimate goal is to reduce the damage caused by traffic accidents through technology. Back to the topics related to e-commerce, apart from the fact that we just mentioned that we are all kinds of companies, we are still one of the largest media and advertising companies in the world. Our sales revenue in advertising last year exceeded US$30 billion. I hope to help various e-commerce companies find their customers through accurate marketing. Thank you!

Zhao Dongping: I have a little personal experience. You said that the contribution to the box office is 20%. I recently looked at it, as if only I was a credit card holder. Just now Zhou Jie talked about a young man with a heroic legacy and a tight purse for the past year and a half. But at that time we got cheaper entertainment, so I felt like I had another detail. Just now Zhou Jie said. I bought instant noodles and delivered Coke. I really bought a one-hour service at that time. I sent 10 bucks to the Coca-Cola and 10 bucks to Coca-Cola.

Moderator: Proof that you have bought?

Zhao Dongping: I bought it in front of Zhongguancun. At that time, there were many problems and many challenges in this model. However, despite the passage of time and the rise of the B2C website, everyone felt that online shopping was part of their lives, so local business and group purchase It will also develop into this. What changes have you made in the past ten years? I think the Internet is really the same as what Wang said. We give small companies a chance to compete with big companies on the same stage. Take Google as an example. Traditional media generally say that the media typically has one hundred advertisements. Customers, if the TV media, it is often a media will experience a cyclical, in the beginning many businesses will try the properties of this media, as time goes by some advertisers feel that its value to me is higher, there will be a concentration . What else can advertise? Basically, real estate is the fiercest. There are still some Suning and Gome left. What else can it cure? There are only a few local newspapers in the industry. The advantage of the Internet is that we are a global advertiser with millions of units. Why can it achieve such a long cost effect? The characteristics of Internet advertising, back to the fundamental or it is more accurate, you can know the user's behavior. I'll give you an example. In the early days, you might have heard of such a case. When you were at Wal-Mart, you would see people who bought diapers would also buy beer. When a young father was asked to buy diapers by his mother, you might Want to drink some wine. In the second phase, if you use Amazon, you can see more accurate recommendations. This site recommends many times Amazon will surprise you. I didn’t know that this book was recommended when he recommended it to you. , it is a surprise, is not advertising, but a surprise, I do not know this thing, thank you for recommending to me.

The third phase of the entire Internet advertisement recommends the physical store's products to the entire Internet. What you see is what you need. The goal of China is that everyone sees advertisements that are personalized advertisements. The group buys movies. Everybody sees the same movie tickets. Everyone sees that the things they eat are the same. As time goes by, with the users, As for the increase of the base number, I like red pepper very much. When I arrived in Chengdu, I would recommend a very good chili restaurant to me. If Wang does not like to eat chili, it is a different restaurant that is recommended to him. This is a goal for the development of the service industry and advertising industry. I know who you are and I can give you what I want.

Zhao Dongping: In fact, the word that can thrive is that the service industry can thrive first. The service industry is booming. The prosperity of this industry can change the life and service of the locals. In addition to industrial capabilities, there is also marketing. Once the service industry has flourished in the past, it can do something else. It used to be on the street. Flyers have little to do with the Internet.

Zhao Dongping: I very much agree with you that marketing is a company's most important function, because the vast majority of companies rely entirely on products is impossible, so the vast majority of companies are out of the product. Most of the time, if you only depend on this link, just as you said earlier, it will die very quickly. In fact, marketing is just a help to promote your services in your service sector. It is very competitive and many times like we are now domestically. Many companies, for example, we talk about vertical B2C, everyone has got a lot of money, there is no match at the back, there is no match at the front, when these conditions are not available, you push the first link, and other links Still on the ground, when you push it into the air, you can't continue to do it! Our marketing is actually based on the fact that your entire link is relatively smooth. If you say that the latter part is not feasible, the front end is more aggressive, but I think this is not sustainable.

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