Go abroad as a rich man!

Going abroad as a rich man! The lowest travel country in the world!

1 India

Traveling to India may be expensive, but when you get there, the cost is very cheap. It is said that the daily expenses of passengers here are the lowest in the world. A beer is only $1.25, a hotel is $10 or less, a dinner costs only $2, and a cup of tea costs a few cents. Coupled with a long history and cultural atmosphere, there are many charming tourist attractions, no wonder the first one.

2 Laos

In addition to airfare, all Southeast Asia costs are very cheap, especially in Laos, especially in the beautiful countryside: dense forests, historical and cultural temples, and spectacular waterfalls that plung from the Mekong River. You can enjoy it very comfortably here, for only $35 a day. Moreover, Laos is famous for its silk, where you can buy handmade silk wall hangings for $5.



3 Honduras

In June last year, Honduras experienced a coup d'état of the president, so it scared away some tourists, but the expenses here are cheaper. Each beer is only $1 or less, and 50 cents will give you a taste of the local specialty, the tortilla. Moreover, Honduras' diving is the cheapest in the world, and the 4-day package insurance journey costs only $250.



4 Indonesia

If you are willing to live like a local, Indonesia is very cheap. A beer is only $1.65, and you can also choose the local staple food, the special rice. Paella with drinks costs only $10.

5 Nepal

The cost in Nepal may be slightly higher than in India: $2.14 for a beer, accommodation and food costs less than $5.

If you are here for mountaineering or short trips, you don't need a guide for just $7 a day, even if you go out with a group for $25 a day.

6 Morocco

The two main selling points in Morocco, the beach and the market, are free. The hotel costs about $25 a night, and the local famous mint tea is only 65 cents.

To travel to other cities in the country, a 300-mile train ride from Daniel to Marrakech costs just $20.



7 Ecuador

The common currency here is the US dollar, but it will save you a lot of money. A beer, a cup of tea or coffee, a bottle of cola is only $1, and the hotel costs only $30 per night.

8 Cambodia

Cambodia is known as “the poorest tourist destination in the world” because the average monthly income is only $20, and it is better in the capital, Phnom Penh. Some people can earn more than $100, but in Tonle Sap in Siem Reap People living on the lake can earn $1 a day. Traveling in Cambodia, one day's food and shelter can be controlled at $20.

9 Vietnam

Now 1 yuan can be exchanged for the Vietnamese Dong of 3180. If you take 3 yuan to Vietnam, it will become a million households. 300 yuan is a millionaire. It feels like it is floating. Traveling in Vietnam, drinking a cup of drip coffee as long as 3 yuan, the cheapest accommodation can go to 9 dollars, but in the 80s guest house standard, a good amount is also 25 dollars; eat a bowl of roadside stalls will also be 1 dollar. (Travel China)

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