Fujian's first Quantai cooperation refrigeration logistics company will emerge in Quanzhou

Fujian's first Quantai cooperation refrigeration logistics company will appear in Quanzhou The first Quantai cooperation refrigeration logistics company will soon emerge. It is reported that recently the two parties have completed the agreement signing procedure with a registered capital of 6 million yuan. In the future, there will be fresh Taiwan specialty agricultural products entering the mainland in a more convenient way.

The main push for cold-chain logistics information platform has deepened the trade between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and the new trade modes have also surfaced. "Trying to set up a large-scale refrigeration logistics company by joint venture." Lin Yi, general manager of Fujian-Taiwan agricultural product market yesterday revealed that the company has taken a substantial step with the cooperation project between a well-known refrigeration logistics company in Taiwan and the two parties have just completed the signing of the cooperation agreement. . The key to establishing a logistics company in cooperation is to "arm" the new enterprise with advanced management techniques and models accumulated by Taiwan's logistics companies.

According to reports, the Fujian-Taiwan agricultural product market had previously built a modern information system to collect and provide cross-strait agricultural product logistics information. After establishing a cooperative enterprise, through the establishment of a joint venture cold-chain logistics information platform, it will be integrated into the cross-strait logistics information network to achieve rapid cold distribution and distribution to the distribution area.

After the establishment of a joint venture, the use of cold chain logistics information platform, the company's central agencies to respond the first time, direct the rational distribution of refrigerated trucks, the layout of the transport route, can increase the distribution speed of agricultural products, reducing the vacancy rate of refrigerated trucks is too high The loss resulted in the perfect combination of warehousing, trading, logistics and other aspects to reduce logistics costs.

Bonded warehouses accelerate the speed of logistics. In fact, the Fujian-Taiwan agricultural products market has already laid a certain foundation for the rapid opening of cold-storage logistics cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. According to reports, the Fujian-Taiwan agricultural product market has already built a 23,000-ton cold storage warehouse with the largest storage capacity in Quanzhou.

In an interview with the reporter, several workers were busy loading frozen foods into a box-type refrigerated truck with a Xiamen license. The person in charge of the cold storage site told the reporter that the 12 cold storage warehouses mainly serve frozen food and cold drinks. In addition, some seafood is processed into fishing baits for export to Southeast Asia.

“The opening of the bonded warehouse will speed up the pace of logistics and effectively reduce the capital pressure and operating costs of enterprises.” On June 8 this year, Fujian and Taiwan Agricultural Products Market Co., Ltd. declared a batch of imports to Quanzhou Customs in a “bonded warehouse cargo” trade. Vinegar was imported from the Shijing Port and supervised and entered the Fujian Fujian-Taiwan Agricultural Public Bonded Warehouse. This marks the official opening of the public bonded warehouse in Fujian Province, which is mainly engaged in the operation of Taiwan's agricultural bonded warehousing business.

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