From mid-July to mid-August, every day is "Golden Week"

Since the beginning of July, the tourism market has officially entered the summer season. Due to the addition of popular tourist modes such as red tourism, study tours and high-speed rail tours this summer, the current summer season of tourism is compared with previous years, the price...

Since the beginning of July, the tourism market has officially entered the summer season. Due to the addition of popular tourist modes such as red tourism, study tours and high-speed rail tours this summer, the summer peak season of this period is also compared with previous years. The price is also related to supply and demand, supporting prices and other factors. Under the combined force, there has been a significant increase. However, due to the abundance of summer time, the number of tourists was not affected by the price, but instead it rose against the trend. In an interview with a number of tourism agencies in the city, the reporter found that from mid-July to mid-August, the tourism market was “Golden Week every day”.

Domestic travel prices increase: Beijing, Xiamen, Qingdao, and Yunnan are hottest

The domestic tour with a itinerary of about 5 days has been the main line of the summer season in recent years, and this year is no exception. The reporter learned from several travel agencies in the city that summer travel reservations generally begin to enter the peak period at the end of June, and will continue until mid-July, mostly family travel, including the three generations of old, middle and young, and the age group of travel is more complicated. The teachers and students who have a long summer vacation are also the key people to travel in July and August, especially after entering the end of July, they will usher in the peak stage of summer vacation.

According to the monitoring data of the Tuniu Tourism Network, based on the characteristics of the summer travel group, the tourist routes suitable for summer, family and students have become the absolute hot destinations of this season. For example, there are attractions such as Jiuzhaigou and Emeisheng, which are mainly used to cool down the summer. As of mid-July, bookings have increased by 24.6% compared to June bookings. Beijing, which has many historical attractions, relics, and prestigious university resources, has booked a 142% increase in bookings as of mid-July compared to June.

Wei Bin, director of holiday products at Tuniu Tourism Network, told reporters that the summer season is the peak period of tourism price hikes, ranging from one to two hundred yuan to more than one thousand yuan, such as Tibet, which is in the tourist season in July and August, Shanghai. The route to the Lhasa four-day 7-day tour was quoted at around 6,000 yuan in early June, and the offer at the beginning of August has risen to around 8,200 yuan. The same lines and arrangements have been affected by the surge in travel, resulting in air tickets and destinations. Housing prices have risen sharply, and summer travel needs to be more than 2,200 yuan / person than in June. This price is not only the highest this year, but also the highest compared to the summer peak season in the same period last year. The reason is that the fuel surcharges for several air tickets at the beginning of the year have been raised, resulting in an increase in the price of the ticket itself, and the discount on ticket purchase this year is not large, resulting in a rise in the cost of round-trip transportation. In addition, the price rises, resulting in the cost of local transportation, accommodation and other ancillary facilities. There has been an increase, and multiple factors have caused such a large increase in the price of Yunnan tour.

Summer outbound tour queue: the number of places is tight, short-term or can be done

A major feature of this summer's summer tourist season is that the outbound tourism routes are fully blossoming and there is no obvious cold line. The reporter learned from the Tuniu Tourism Network that popular outbound long-distance travel lines generally need to be registered one and a half months in advance, that is, if you expect to travel in August, you will need to register at least in early July, until mid-July, In the summer, travel to Europe and the United States and other tourists to book, there is basically no possibility of a trip.

Compared with the long-term exit, the short-term outbound travels of Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, which are more cost-effective and more convenient for visas, are more popular among the public. This summer is also very popular.

Most of the short-term outbound tour's July regiment has been full, and even there is no position in early August. Take the Korean direction as an example. The site has more than 10 routes to South Korea, although the summer has a rise of around 300~400 yuan. The extent, but most of them still do not exceed 4,000 yuan, and the price to go to Yunnan, Hainan, etc. in China is not much different, or even lower, and it is very competitive in price. It not only attracts tourists with domestic travel plans, but also has traveled to Japan before. Planned tourists have also turned to South Korea for fear of earthquakes and nuclear radiation.

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