Foreign trade examination process should pay attention to matters

The beneficiary's problems in the process of documenting and verifying the card are attributed to the letter of credit:

*The letter of credit has an effective or restricted effective clause *L/C is revocable (the current 600 specified letters of credit are irrevocable)

*L/C does not guarantee the payment of the responsibility of the text *L/C in the column under the UCP500/600 handling clause *L/C fails to confirm with the contract *L/C incompatibility *L/C no expiration Day * Expiration date abroad * Expiry date of L/C is inconsistent with shipment date * Year of expiration date error * Contradictory between shipment validity period and delivery period * Delivery period is too short (if within 7 days after shipment single)

* The applicant's or beneficiary's name and address do not match the contract. * The contradiction between the letter of credit number *L/C amount is not enough (if the requirements of the contract's short-loading clause are not met)

* L/C amount is large and lower case inconsistent *L/C currency does not match the contract currency

* The deadline for the payment of the bill of exchange is not in accordance with the contract. * The bill payer is not an issuing bank. * The type of invoice is improper * The invoice requires a consular visa * The bill of lading is incorrect. * The bill of lading is not in conformity with the endorsement requirements. * The bill of lading clause is inconsistent with the transaction conditions. * The original bill of lading is either complete or Some direct-mailed customers* Air waybill consignee is not an issuing bank* Transport equipment is too restrictive * Investment insurance is inconsistent with the contract or the actual condition of the goods * The type of policy is wrong * The amount of the insurance is not in accordance with the contract * Origin certificate issued by the issuing organization False *Requires the submitted inspection certificate to be inconsistent with the actual requirements* Request to submit a test certificate issued by the customer* Leaked out or listed documents to be submitted

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