"Expo" business opportunities give birth to the tourism industry

[May Point Network] With the Shanghai World Expo approaching, the major service industries in Rongcheng have ushered in a new round of “work-use tide”. The Shanghai World Expo “Chengdu-Shanghai Twin Cities Tour” was officially launched a few days ago...

[May Point Network] With the Shanghai World Expo approaching, the major service industries in Rongcheng have ushered in a new round of “work-use tide”. The “World Tour of Chengdu-Shanghai Twin Cities” at the Shanghai World Expo was officially launched recently. Chengdu's tourism, catering, hotel and other service industries have “emerged” in a large number of positions. The day before yesterday, Yuhui Labor Talent Market held a special job fair called “Welcome to the World Expo Modern Service Industry”. The famous scenic spot Jinli also held a “Sichuan Tourism Talent Recruitment Conference”, while the Provincial Tourism Association was also at Sichuan University. A “Special Job Fair for Tourism” was held on campus. Three job fairs a day, the total number of posts exceeded 10,000. The Provincial Tourism Association said that in order to cope with the recovery of the post-earthquake tourism industry and the Shanghai World Expo will stimulate Sichuan tourism, the demand for tour guides is particularly large. Gao Yiding, assistant general manager of Yuhui Labor Talent Market, also said, “Tourism is a big chain of economy. During the Expo, there will be a large number of tourists coming to China. Whether it is Shanghai, where the Expo is held, or Chengdu, there will be a new one in each service industry. The gap in the round, the demand for business personnel in the service industry will increase."

Service staff "tighten"

The cleaning staff have made a

"The service industry in Chengdu itself has a certain gap. It is expected that with the arrival of the World Expo, Chengdu's service industry personnel will be more tight." Gao Yiding, assistant general manager of Yuhui Labor Talent Market, told reporters that this job fair is involved. More than 400 companies in the tourism, catering, retail, real estate, insurance and consulting industries have come to recruit and provide more than 8,000 jobs.

The reporter found that in addition to the high requirements of some executives, department managers and other positions, most of the positions are generally not high for academic qualifications, basically based on "higher vocational college and above diplomas", and even corporate recruitment. The personnel changed the job requirements of the recruitment poster on site. A corporate poster for recruiting sales staff originally wrote “educational requirements: college and above diplomas”. Later, the staff simply changed the pen to “no limit on academic qualifications”.

The recovery of the tourism industry has also stimulated the development of the catering industry. At this "World Expo Specialized Recruitment Fair", many hotels have begun to deal with catering staff, food clerk and cleaning staff. Most of the hotels that have been recruited have changed the treatment of waiters, food guides, restaurant staff, and even cleaning staff into a form of “basic salary + commission”. A hotel recruiter specializing in Cantonese cuisine said that the waiter’s commission According to the waiter to recommend dishes, drinks, etc. to the guests, in addition, the guest's praise, praise, etc. for the waiter will also be included in the scope of the commission calculation; and the hotel's cleaning staff will be commissioned by the hotel management The overall performance appraisal is calculated.

Dealing with Expo opportunities

Travel agencies "reserve" talents in advance

“The two-city tourism agreement signed between Chengdu and Shanghai will greatly promote the development of tourism in Sichuan after the earthquake. The first thing that is lacking is the tour guide.” Luo Wei, head of the Sichuan Tourism Talents Recruitment Association, said that there will be 34 Sichuan travel agencies coming to the recruitment. “Zhao Xian” provides more than 2,000 jobs. The travel agencies are also full of confidence in this year's sales volume. "This year Sichuan tourism will definitely reach the peak in recent years, and we have confidence in this."

Chengdu CYTS plans to recruit 20 tour guides this year. All qualified tour guides will be trained and re-employed. “Our old tour guides are still sufficient for the time being. This time, we mainly carry out talent reserve to cope with the tourist peak of the Expo.” Recruiters also revealed that many travel agencies in Sichuan have requested overseas offices in March this year. Publicity activities have been held in the past in April and May, so this year’s volume will increase significantly. The person in charge of the recruitment of the provincial tour told reporters that due to the lack of tour guides, the company considered the “training and side-by-side” internship mode of the 20 tour guides in this recruitment to cope with the arrival of the tourist peak.

In addition, the morning before yesterday, the tourism recruitment fair organized by the Provincial Tourism Association was held in Sichuan University. The recruitment fair was specially aimed at college students. In solving the difficult employment problems of college students, it also reserved talents for Sichuan tourism. (Chengdu Business Daily)

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