Establishing the National Leisure Consumption Index is the right time

Based on the survey of urban and rural households of the National Bureau of Statistics, combined with the improvement of domestic tourism sampling surveys, the system, procedures, standards and information for national leisure survey statistics can be designed in a relatively short period of time with less manpower, material resources and financial resources. The data processing library will form an annual national leisure survey report and form an annual “National Leisure Consumption Index”.


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Establishing the “National Leisure Consumption Index”, which focuses on national leisure consumption expenditures, and surveys and measures the proportion of leisure consumption expenditures in total national consumption expenditures, that is, “leisure consumption expenditures/total total expenditures of consumption×100%” Living standards, quality and happiness.

The author advocates the establishment of the “National Leisure Consumption Index” for the following reasons: First, the more developed social productivity, the higher the national income, the greater the proportion of leisure consumption in the national consumption share, and the greater the level of social development and the quality of life of the people. .

According to sociologists, people's time can be divided into two parts: “binding time” and “free time”. The former includes the physiological activity time (such as sleep, catering, etc.) and social activity time (such as work, education, and participation in public social activities) necessary for human survival, and the latter refers to leisure time after the above time. The higher the level of social productivity, the shorter the time of labor production and the longer the leisure time. The more affluent the national life, the more enjoyable consumption in the consumption-based consumption such as clothing, food, housing and transportation, and the higher the pure leisure consumption of all kinds of enjoyment and development.

Second, as far as national leisure is concerned, most of the leisure time in a person's life is spent in a place of permanent residence. With the increase of "money" and "leisure", the leisure activities of going out of the usual place to go sightseeing, entertainment and vacation in different places will gradually increase, but in the present and future, the leisure in different places will occupy a small head. With 115 days of legal holidays and 7 to 14 days of paid vacation in China, a person who travels for 10 days, 20 days, 30 days or more each year still only accounts for a small part of his annual leisure time. . Therefore, the “National Leisure Consumption Index” can more comprehensively reflect the living standards and quality of the people.

“Leisure” includes activities such as recreation, style, entertainment, and health care for urban and rural residents in their permanent residences, as well as sightseeing, vacation, entertainment, and cultural and sports activities in urban and rural areas. Therefore, leisure activities are a kind of life activities, and the leisure industry belongs to the modern service industry of life.

“Tourism” includes both leisure activities such as sightseeing and vacations in different places, as well as productive activities for business, exhibitions, cultural and scientific exchanges, etc. in different places. Strictly speaking, only leisure activities that leave the place of residence and are used for sightseeing, vacation, fitness, entertainment, and knowledge-seeking, and staying in different places are considered tourism. Business exhibitions and professional exchanges in tourism consumption are productive consumption, not in the leisure category, and cannot be included in the “national leisure consumption index”. The “National Leisure Consumption Index” was established to measure the living standards, quality and happiness of the people as a benchmark based on the leisure consumption of life including tourism.

The third is to establish a “national leisure consumption index”, which is easy to integrate with the current national urban residents' living statistics system and the domestic tourism sample survey annual report, which is more convenient for operation and implementation.

At present, the “Statistics of Basic Statistics of Urban and Rural Households” formulated and implemented by the National Bureau of Statistics has a complete survey and statistical data on urban and rural residents' consumption expenditures. The contents generally cover cultural entertainment, recreation and fitness, special food shopping and sightseeing. Four major leisure spending such as vacation. This sample survey has been conducted for many years, forming a complete survey organization, personnel, systems, procedures, standards and information processing systems and continuous annual survey reports.

The “Investigation Manual” of the Urban and Rural Households of the National Bureau of Statistics has listed the “Total Tourism Expenses” column. The surveyed households must fill in the total cost of family travel, and also fill in the detailed cost of travel expenses into the corresponding expenditure items.

Since 1993, the National Tourism Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics have jointly conducted a sample survey of domestic tourism every year. Through the per capita expenditure survey to measure the domestic tourism income, a set of investigation systems, procedures and standards have been formed, and a comprehensive analysis of the domestic domestic tourism sampling survey has been continuously published. "annual report.

The author believes that based on the annual survey of urban and rural households by the National Bureau of Statistics, combining and improving the sample survey data of domestic tourism that has been conducted for many years, it is possible to establish a national leisure survey in a relatively short period of time with less manpower, material resources and financial resources. The statistical system, procedures, standards and information processing data warehouse form the National Leisure Annual Survey Report, on the basis of which the annual “National Leisure Consumption Index” is formed.

Leisure is the basis of tourism. Tourism is an extension of leisure. The leisure and leisure of the country is an inseparable whole. In 2008, the State Council on the “National Tourism and Leisure Holidays” of the National Tourism Administration, the “National Tourism and Leisure Program” is being integrated to integrate the national leisure and tourism consumption, and adapt to the requirements and trends of national leisure development. The theme of benefiting the people's livelihood. Taking the “National Tourism and Leisure Program” as an opportunity, Jiangsu Province regards the improvement of residents' leisure life quality as an important task in building “Happy Jiangsu”. It is timely to include the study of the “National Leisure Consumption Index” in the national key research project during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

The 2009-2010 China Leisure Development Report ("2010 Leisure Green Book") published by the Research Group of the Institute of Finance and Trade Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences divides leisure activities into recreational tourism, cultural entertainment, physical fitness, and emotional support. There are 6 categories of leisure, social interaction and other leisure. Among them, recreational tourism, culture and entertainment, sports and fitness are the core of leisure. At the same time, combined with leisure consumption in other fields, it is estimated that the leisure consumption of Chinese residents in 2009 is about 1.7 trillion yuan, equivalent to the retail of social consumer goods in the same year. A total of 13.56%, in a sense, can also be said that this data is roughly equivalent to the National Leisure Index for the year.

Of course, the “National Leisure Consumption Index” is only one of the benchmarks for measuring the quality of life, quality and happiness of the people. In modern civilized society, the factors that measure the quality, quality and happiness of the people are not only the level of material living standards, the scale of leisure consumption, but also the initiative of the people to participate in social activities, the degree of perfection of social democracy, and society. The macro level of moral perfection, the harmony of social life and the harmony between man and nature, as well as the employment rate, education, medical insurance, pension level and life expectancy. (China Tourism News)

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