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Civil Aviation Resource Network August 2, 2006 News: [Policy Reference] [Civil Aviation Management]
The European Commission requested that the ticket include additional fees and taxes. The European Commission announced its "Public Regulations for the European Parliament and the Local Council on the General Rules for Air Services in the European Union" yesterday. In other matters, this requires airlines to advertise. The price of the ticket announced on the promotion includes all additional fees and taxes. The advertisement also includes advertisements printed on the airline websites starting from December 2007. This recommendation also prohibits price discrimination on the basis of eligibility and nationality (same). It is strictly forbidden for all airlines to charge different fees at the same time and on different versions of their websites. It needs to be approved by the EU member states and the European Parliament before it can be established as a legal clause.

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Australian WESTRALIA Airport Company Plan has been approved With the development of a regional distribution center in Perth Airport, WESTRALIA Airport Company has been approved under certain conditions, and it has to be done before. The company is developing a warehouse and distribution park on its site and has announced the employment of 140 people on the site to build a development plan for the Coles Meyer distribution center. Since the plan will affect the environmental ground, the community has expressed opposition.

[Business News] [Civil Aviation Renaissance]
UAL Welcomes First Quarterly Earnings of Aviation Industry since September 2000 When United Airlines announced its second quarter financial report on July 31, it will report its first quarterly earnings, which does not include Unusual payments for six years. United Airlines’ parent company, UAL Corp., yesterday took a unusual step in unveiling preliminary data in a file that guides how to invest, when it’s ready to exchange currency. When an amount of $726 million was allocated to an employee trust fund before August 1. The company expects net income of $119 million, or $141 million, excluding buyout expenses that were paid in one lump sum due to layoffs in the second quarter, which is the opposite of the loss before the year, when the loss was $1.43 billion. Or $26 million, excluding restructuring and some special expenses.

[Spur Line Aviation] [Civil Aviation Cooperation]
Continental selects Chautauqua Airlines for regional service to make up for the vacancies left at the beginning of the year. Continental Airlines selected Chautauqua Airlines on Friday and will serve as Continental Express (a subsidiary of Continental) from 2007. An airline to provide and operate 44 regional jets. When Continental canceled a new capacity purchase contract agreement with its regional jet partner ExpressJet, the contract was designed to make ExpressJet's 69 aircraft only Can fly under the rules of Continental Airlines. Three months ago, Continental Airlines announced that it had selected Chautauqua Airlines, a subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings of Indiana, to replace ExpressJet (see ATFONline on April 19 for details), now, let The agreement between regional operators on behalf of Continental Airlines to operate 50 regional jets has also become stronger. Continental Airlines will continue to arrange and market all of its Continental Express services.

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Moving forward: US JetBlue announced the loss of profit the day before yesterday. After experiencing two consecutive quarters of losses, JetBlue announced its turnaround yesterday. Its net income for the three months ended June 30 was one. $14 million, according to David Neeleman, Chairman and CEO of JetBlue, this quarterly revenue was $13 million more than the same period last year, which was just 7.7%. This performance represents “a sure move in the right direction”. Nileman added, "Our comprehensive, forward-looking plan has become a new way of doing business at JetBlue." Operating income soared 42.4% from $429 million in the same period last year to $612 million. Fuel costs rose 72.4% to $192 million; labor costs rose 27.1% to $134 million, both of which caused spending surged 45.2% to $565 million. Operating profit climbed 15.5% from $40 million to $47 million.

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Airline travel executives will participate in the 2006 European Travel Conference Accor Enterprises, eBay, Hilton International, Opodo, TUI Group, Expedia, Cheapflights, Lufthansa TripAdvisor, Octopus Travel, Senegal Brussels Airlines, Google Site, NH Hotels and more companies will meet in Berlin on October 16-17 to discuss how to get real profits from online and multi-channel trading battles. Europe's premier online travel conference – EyeforTravel's 2006 European Travel Deal (Conference), will be a topic of importance to every senior travel executive; how do you be in a pan-like European, multilingual environment Establish a customer-centric trading strategy? Can consumer control content promote sales? What content can promote sales of online travel? How do you use multiple channels to confirm that your sales and trading strategy work is more effectively integrated?

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American Airlines applies to open Dallas via Fort Worth to Beijing flight PR Newswire - Fort Worth, Texas: American Airlines announced today that it has submitted a report to the United States Department of Transportation The application is to open a daily direct service between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Beijing, China, starting March 25, 2007. American Airlines plans to equip the route with a Boeing 777 with a 245-seat, third-class cabin. Gerard J. Arpey, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines, said: "We are realizing the desire to strengthen the company's business in the booming Chinese market. We believe that through the opening of us The largest airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, to Beijing, where our government center is located, can provide the best service for passengers. If American Airlines wins this new flight to Beijing, it will deepen China. Important cultural and economic relationships with the northern part of Texas and many parts of the United States bring substantial benefits, and our Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport provides convenient services to these areas. This flight to Beijing will be ours. The existing flights from Chicago Airport to Shanghai are supplemented."

[low cost flight]
Competition has intensified oil prices. Asian low-cost airlines have survived the difficult and fierce competition accompanied by soaring oil prices, which have brought a major impact on the fledgling Asian low-cost airlines, and their stocks have fallen. Five years ago, Asia's first low-cost airline, AirAsia, came out. Then, in India, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, a number of similar companies emerged. They have broken the aviation monopoly in some countries and attracted a large number of passengers with fares that may even be lower than bus tickets. But for now, these first-time aviation companies feel the difficulty of survival. In the quarter ended March 31, AirAsia's AirAsia-listed AirAsia profit fell 44% due to high fuel costs and significant price cuts from competition with state-owned airline Malaysia Airlines. India's two low-cost airlines, Air Deccan and Spicejet, have also launched price wars with other emerging low-cost carriers, combined with high fuel costs and weak flight infrastructure (such as limited apron), most of which have suffered losses. The stocks of these three listed companies were hit hard.

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GetThere is a wealth of online hotel product information for business guests. Online business travel management company GetThere has decided to integrate VFM Interactive's technology and product content to improve its online hotel product booking process. Sabre revealed that GetThere's use of VFM technology during the quarter can provide subscribers with more product information when purchasing hotel products. GetThere is constantly working on this and has integrated Travelocity's hotel product database with its systems last year. By integrating VFM's technology and product content, guests who make online travel reservations through GetThere can access the VFM database, browse photos, videos and virtual tours of over 10,000 hotels. When they click on a hotel, they can see pictures of the hotel, details of the service facilities and an introduction to the local attractions. “In order to make the hotel's products more consistent with the company's travel policy, it is critical to provide customers with a wealth of image and product information during the purchase process,” said Suzanne Neufang, vice president of product sales at GetThere. “VFM's high-quality digital media technology shows travellers the hotel from different angles, ensuring that they like and fully understand the hotel and enhance their booking experience. It also has great benefits for corporate travel business managers, on business trips. After the staff has more information, they are more likely to choose to stay at some of the company's specific hotels,” Neufang said.

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