E-commerce enters the glory era

This is a very innovative plan. Not only that the plan is the first five-year plan for the development of the e-commerce industry in the province, but it may even be the first five-year plan for the development of the e-commerce industry at the provincial level in China, and more importantly, the “planning” Put forward some very innovative ideas and ideas. For example, for the first time, the e-commerce industry is a strategic emerging industry in our province.

This means that the provincial party committee and the provincial government do not regard the e-commerce industry as a general service industry, nor is it a general emerging industry. It is an industry that has important strategic significance for the economic and social development of Zhejiang, and even a leading industry. It is the focus of the next period of time. Cultivated emerging industries and strategic service industries. Another example is that for the first time, “Planning” put forward the overall target of the development of the e-commerce industry in the province in the next period is the international e-commerce center. As far as I know, Guangdong Province took the lead in proposing to build the Pearl River Delta into an international e-commerce center. Our province has also proposed this goal immediately, which shows that the provincial party committee and the provincial government have confidence and determination in the development of the province's e-commerce industry.

With the implementation of the "Planning", the e-commerce industry will usher in new opportunities for development, and it is expected to become a new growth point for our province's economy.

At present, our province is in a critical period of industrial transformation and upgrading and adjustment of industrial structure. We are facing weakening traditional competitive advantages in light industry, weak competitive advantages in heavy industry, and severe challenges in the scale of high-tech industries. Fostering new economic growth points has become the province's economy. The imperative of development. With the formulation and implementation of the "Plan", the status of our province's e-commerce industry has been further defined, the policy environment for development will become better, and the momentum of rapid development will continue. It is predicted that China’s e-commerce industry will maintain a growth rate of around 40% in the next decade, and the e-commerce industry and its related supporting services industry may be the fastest growing and the most potential in the province in the next five years and even a longer period. One of the new economic growth points.

The online trading market will develop rapidly and will become the benchmark for highlighting the features and advantages of Zhejiang economy after the tangible commodity trading market.

The province has the status of a large circulation province mainly reflected in the professional market group represented by Yiwu China Commodity City, which is the world's largest small commodity trading platform, and the largest merchant group in Zhejiang. The 30 years of experience in the province's reform and opening up have shown that due to this circulation advantage, Zhejiang has fewer product sales and circulation speeds, which greatly reduces the company’s sales costs and makes new products to market faster; due to this circulation advantage, I Provincial products have a relatively long market radiation radius and a relatively large market capacity, which enables industrial clusters to be generated and developed, and the developed specialized division of labor within the industrial clusters greatly reduces manufacturing costs. It can be said that the advantages of circulation have contributed to the formation of more obvious regional competitive advantages in the province's reform and opening up over the past 30 years. Just as the development of the province’s tangible professional market is at the forefront of the country, the development of the online trading market in our province has taken a leading position in China and has become a veritable province of the online market. With the implementation of the “Planning”, the online trading market will become a powerful driving force for the formation of economic growth and regional competitive advantage in our province after the tangible professional market. The province’s status as a major province for circulation will be further consolidated. And accelerate the transition to a strong province of circulation.

Enterprise transformation and industrial upgrading will also have more alternative means and approaches.

The formation of an e-commerce industry system means that companies have a choice of low transaction costs and sales channels with low barriers to entry; this means that the business model innovation, management process reengineering, and value chain reconstruction become more feasible and feasible. It means that it is possible for enterprises to realize the transformation of their main products and networks. All these are beneficial to our province to solve the economic transformation and industrial upgrading difficulties. Therefore, in this sense, the e-commerce industry is a strategic industry that affects the overall economic development of our province.

People's lives will become more convenient and entrepreneurship will become easier. In particular, with the acceleration of the construction of an information platform for farmers, such as the "Time Guide for Pioneering and Rural Comprehensive Information Service Platform," and the continuous increase in the number of rural netizens, a large number of farmers can also enjoy the results of modern civilization brought about by the development of network technology. Major changes have taken place.

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