Dubai Hotel, the perfect habitat for my vacation

Dubai has always been a holy place in my heart. Most of the people who go to Dubai are trying to experience its luxury, and of course I am no exception. The crazy buildings in Dubai make me crazy, but the most...

Dubai has always been a holy place in my heart. Most of the people who go to Dubai are trying to experience its luxury, and of course I am no exception. The crazy buildings in Dubai make me crazy too, but the one that makes me crazy is the hotel in Dubai, Atlantis Hotel, Sailing Hotel, Palace Hotel, of course, these luxurious six or seven stars hotels I live. I don't want to go in, but I can live in any of the four or five-star hotels in Dubai.

Originally planned one year later - my life in the year of my life went to Dubai, who knows to chat with friends once, talked to Dubai, he took photos in Dubai, Zhang Zhang provoked my heartstrings, let me be excited, excited. When I waited for next year, I immediately asked my friends about going to Dubai. He went with the group. A group called the travel network was very good. His evaluation of the travel network was quite high. I went back and searched the Internet immediately. The travel network was actually owned by the Ocean International Travel Service. They specialize in Dubai. No wonder the friends said that the journey was very comfortable. The airlines in the UAE could not feel comfortable.

I immediately found a travel network, and the visa and ticket were surprisingly completed. After enjoying the enthusiasm and thoughtful service of Emirates Airlines, I quickly came to the place that made me dream.

I stayed at the Mina A'Salam at Madinat Jumeirah Resort. When I woke up, I felt as if I had entered a dream. Open the window and look at the iconic sailing hotel in Dubai. There is a long canal from west to east in the resort. From time to time, there is a water bus that slides over the water, a feeling of relaxation.


The Madinat Jumeirah resort is a 40-acre, equivalent to a small city. The entire resort is made up of three luxury hotels, Mina A'Salam, Al Qasr and Dar Al Masyaf, connected by a 3.7 km canal waterway, all designed in an Arabian-like design. Between the three hotels, there are battery cars passing by, and it is very convenient to stop and stop.

The Mina A'Salam hotel, which was first opened in the resort, is an Arabian-style resort hotel with a traditional Arabian design and interior furniture and furnishings in an antique-like design. They all face the boundless seascape of the Arabian Sea. The brown exterior color matches the blue sky and blue sea of ​​Dubai, which is the perfect holiday habitat for my dreams.


Because the time difference is 4 hours away from the country, I was excited early in the morning, and I was hanging out in the hotel. In the corridor not far from the room, there is a rest area like a patio, a blue star fountain and an orange pillow. I have always had no resistance to bright colors. I don't want to leave here.


I like and stay here, I don’t want to leave, except that I have two little birds. You say a word, I am envious, but my travel companions are still not awake.


The lights in the corridor are dim and romantic, and the waiters who occasionally meet will be politely say hello. This kind of guest feels great.


From the B1 floor of the hotel, you can reach the beach along a winding road. Here is a private beach that will never be disturbed by outsiders. The sea is warm and the sea breeze is cool. There is only one idea on the beach, that is, if I can swim, it would be fine. But even if you can't swim, lying on the beach, basking in the sun, drinking soda, watching the beauty, is also very pleasant.



Come here, of course I have to go see the other two hotels.

Al Qasr, Al Qasr is the royal palace in Arabic. In addition to the same complex and magnificent architectural appearance and gorgeous decoration, the color is especially light-colored, which is the Arab past represents wealth and glory.


Dar Al Masyaf means “summer palace”. The building is a courtyard style, similar to the large VILLA private villa, including the small atrium garden and the shared large living room. The privacy is quite high. The rooms are all suite-style. With a private living room and balcony, it is the most spacious room in the hotel.


Stay different is the core concept of the Madinat Jumeirah resort, and it feels so good to stay here.

Thanks to the hotel that I have arranged for me to make my holiday more perfect.

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