Direct cross-strait navigation will bring huge market potential to the Macau airport

Liu Suning, executive director of Macau International Airport Co., Ltd., said that the company expects to use 4.7 million passengers at the Macau International Airport this year and will increase to 7 million in 2010. In the future, if direct cross-strait direct flights are implemented, although Macau will lose a group of Taiwanese business travelers, direct flights also mean that mainland tourists can travel to Taiwan. There will be a large number of mainland tourists flying to Macau via Macao. This will be a huge potential. market.

Macau airport passenger volume will reach 7 million

Liu Suning said that the company predicts that the number of passengers at the Macau International Airport will increase from five years from this year. Although it is expected to increase to seven million in 2010, this is still a conservative estimate because of Macau’s The aviation industry is growing rapidly and there is a lot of room for development. Especially after the establishment of new airlines, there are many opportunities, plus new tourist facilities and hotels have been completed, and more rooms have been added. The airlines naturally have to cooperate. Speed ​​up development. At present, the facilities at the Macau airport will not be sufficient, so we will strive to accelerate development and expand the airport facilities to meet future development needs.

As for the impact of direct cross-strait direct flights on the Macau airport, Liu Suning said that if direct flights between the two sides of the strait are opened, on the one hand, because direct flights to and from Taiwan and the Mainland are more convenient, they will affect the airport's transit passenger business, but on the other hand. Direct cross-strait navigation means that Taiwan is open to the mainland's tourist population. If the mainland tourism market is open, there are certainly many mainland residents who want to see Taiwan. Only a part of Taiwan's 23 million people often travel to and from the mainland and Taiwan. It is necessary to use the transfer service. However, after opening up the tourism market in the Mainland, I believe that everyone will think of Taiwan. Because of the limited number of direct flights, many people have to transfer to Hong Kong and Macao to Taiwan, and the passenger market will be bigger. There is even more development potential, and Macau flights will not be enough.

A large number of Taiwanese travelers will be lost in a short time

However, Liu Suning also pointed out that during the period after the opening of the direct flight, the Macau airport will lose many Taiwanese businessmen. In this case, Macao should consider attracting more guests from other places, so that it will reduce Macao after direct flights between the two sides. risks of. Nowadays, low-cost airlines in Macau have brought many Southeast Asian guests. This year, the number of passengers brought by low-cost airlines has accounted for 10% of the total airport passengers. Therefore, the airport and airlines will solve the challenges brought by cross-strait direct flights. Take appropriate measures.

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