China's First IT Channel Media "Computer Daily" Discontinued Operations

Computer Business News official website home page left to stop announcement Sina Technology News January 30 morning news, China's first IT channel professional media, "Computer Business Daily", has recently suspended operations. Its publication number has been recovered by the organizer China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute (CCID), and most of the core team members will create new publications. It is said that this change is related to the IDG divestment.

From the outside world, the shutting down of Computer Business Daily was quite sudden. There are indications that the magazine's interview work seems to be still in progress at the beginning of the month, and news of suspension of operations was reported immediately after the Spring Festival. Now visiting its official website, in addition to a blank page at the center, several red "This site is suspended operation!" In addition, the other has nothing.

According to reports, Computer Business News is in the process of liquidation, and the issue has been recovered by CCID. According to industry sources, according to the current situation, there is little possibility of the reopening of the "Computer Business Daily." At the same time, the person told Sina Technology that at least in mid-December last year, the news of the magazine's change was heard.

“Yang Maofeng, Editor-in-Chief of TWICE China, said in his Weibo.” Just now, the old leader Guo Xiujuan called me and disclosed that the core team of the former “Computer Business Daily” will be released from CCID next month. Formally launched a new publication "Business Partners." Guo Xiujuan once served as executive director and general manager of Computer Business Daily.

Yuan Maofeng told Sina Technology that the closing of the "Computer Business Daily" was related to the withdrawal of IDG. According to its introduction, "Business Partner" magazine, which was originally set up by the original core team of Computer Business Daily, has got a new issue number and investment, and several other "Computer Daily" sales are transferred to "Software and Information Services." "Journal work.

Although the results of the "Computer Daily" were generally considered by its peers as lacking in highlights, the suspension of operations was viewed by the outside world as IDG's confidence in traditional IT media is gradually declining.

Information from IDG China’s official website shows that there are six IT publications involved. They are: "Computer World," "Network World," "Microcomputer World," "Digital World," "Computer Business," and "Computer Lovers." At the time of writing, no relevant official news was issued for this adjustment.

According to statistics, "Computer Daily" is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute. It was officially launched in May 1998 and is the first professional channel for IT channels in China; There are 320,000 members, with an average daily traffic of about 180,000 and an independent IP of about 39,000. (Meng Hong)

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