Capital Airport flight inquiry fee public resources into profit-making tools

Xinhuanet Beijing, November 21st: These two days are worth the fog in Beijing. In order to know whether a flight can take off normally, the reporter dialed 114 to inquire about the flight check-in number of the Capital Airport, and the result was a number of 3 yuan per minute. The reporter asked: "Is there a free phone?" The answer is: "The civil aviation has not been given." Reporter: How does the flight inquiry become a charging item, and the charges are so high, what is the basis?

Flight inquiries are related to the smooth travel of many people. How much will this charge be? Moreover, when the reporter dials the voice number by the unit telephone, it is still unable to get through, because many units are forbidden to call such paid information desks. I believe that many people who are eager to travel have encountered similar situations, and this has caused great inconvenience. More importantly, the flight information in the information desk is also provided by civil aviation. This service is free in many parts of the country. In Beijing, it has become a high-cost project. I believe that the people who accept this service are uncomfortable.

The flight inquiry information is a public resource. It is a basic service that civil aviation should provide to the public free of charge. Now it has become a fee-based project. This is obviously the use of public resources to capture the interests of small groups. If all sectors and sectors of the public information resources are so "business-minded", what are the services for the people?

Also, is the flight inquiry information charged, has it been approved? Has it been heard? Where is the charge going? In this regard, the public has the right to know and supervise, but now, we know nothing about these. This situation has become quite common in recent years. Some public service departments and enterprises have tried to squeeze public resources to take advantage of small groups, guide and force the public to pay fees on projects that should not be charged, and buy strong sales. Although this kind of behavior has won short-term economic benefits, it has lost public trust, which is not worth the candle.

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