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Recently, the Canglang District Health Supervision Department oversaw 158 beauty salons in the area. The supervision found that the hygiene management situation of the beauty salons was uneven, and the incompleteness of the health management archives was widespread. Some shops used shampoos that had expired, and the cleaning and disinfection facilities were used as clutter cabinets.

Nowadays, the decoration of beauty and hair salons has become more and more luxurious, and more and more service projects have emerged. In the bright appearance, is there a hidden danger? From the end of April to the end of June, the Canglang District Health Supervision Office conducted a comprehensive health supervision and inspection of 158 beauty salons in the area.

The inspection found that most of the units were able to operate in accordance with the law, but some units had some hidden safety problems.

When an inspector inspected a beauty salon at Wuziqiao Road, he found that several shampoo and hair care products that the shop was using had exceeded the shelf life. The cleaning and disinfecting facilities are in name only, and the disinfection cabinet is directly used as a cabinet. The inspection found that the products used by the four beauty salons were expired, and the inspectors ordered the operators to destroy the expired products on the spot and requested the deadline to rectify the existing problems.

In this inspection, the hygiene supervision department of Canglang District compared the "Quality and Health Rating of Health Care Facilities in Jiangsu Province" with the grading scale of 158 beauty salons. According to the scoring standards, A-level is low-risk and high-reputation, and can be simplified for supervision and rectification; B-level is medium-risk and conventional supervision is conducted; C-level is high-risk and enhanced supervision. 158 beauty salons were rated as only 4 A-level units, 31 B-level units and 121 C-level units. In the future, when residents enter a beauty salon, they can go through the health information publicity column in the store and look at the ratings of each store before making consumption choices.


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