B2B Website Alliance Consolidates Industry Resources

E-commerce in our country has been developing rapidly. Its performance is, on the one hand, due to the large volume of B2B (business-to-business e-commerce) websites, the comprehensive B2B e-commerce market has already formed several unique market structures; on the other hand, industry vertical e-commerce due to its depth The development of the industry is good at tapping industry gaps, providing specialized information, and developing industry-specific services. It has been growing at an alarming rate for several years. As of the first quarter of this year, the number of industry websites has exceeded 20,000.

However, most vertical e-commerce companies in the industry are also faced with many problems: small individuals, difficulty in achieving adequate brand accumulation, inability to continue to withstand fierce competition from strong competitors, and payment to complete the establishment of a complete e-commerce industry chain The system, reputation assessment system, and logistics system are inadequacies and shortages; due to lack of technology and funds, network security issues are also seriously threatening the normal operation of industry websites.

It is in this environment that China B2B Alliance is established, and the "Network Navigation" project is launched on the basis of the alliance. The Alliance establishes a connection between each other by aggregating high-quality industry website resources, making product information richer and more searchable. Accurate, and through the navigation of the search engine optimization to drive the entire alliance's customer traffic. Since its establishment in April 2010, the number of members of the China B2B Alliance has reached 2,000 in just over a year. At present, the alliance has comprehensively covered 45 industries, and its business model organically combines two types of B2B e-commerce development models. There are both "fine" and "deep" vertical B2B e-commerce sites in the industry, and there are integrated B2B e-commerce. The wide coverage, so as to achieve B2B e-commerce "to zero, a comprehensive coverage" effect.

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