Air tickets, hotel low price traps

In recent years, with the development of the online and online travel market, more and more consumers like to “sell” low-cost air tickets and hotels on the Internet, and at the same time, consumers are often seen as deceived. The security risks are increasingly prominent. 3.15 On the occasion of the advent, tourism experts reveal a few common pitfalls for consumers, reminding consumers to be more vigilant in booking air tickets and booking hotels, to prevent being deceived.


Search platform articles: search engine search results

The case of search engine search for special tickets in the search for black agents is not new. Recently, there have been some cases of fraud through the regular ticket search engine. There are consumer complaints, search for low-price ticket information through the ticket search engine, find the lowest ticket price, pay according to the instructions of the transferred agent page, but finally can not get the ticket, the agent customer service phone can not be contacted.

Insiders pointed out that although the ticket search engine can find a large amount of ticket information, in fact, it only uses technical means to capture the ticket prices spread on various websites, and in addition to the major airline direct sales websites, Mixed with a lot of small websites, small agents, bad luck, there may be black agents.

The ticket expert reminds that the ticket prices obtained by the regular agents from the airlines are basically unified. Consumers should not be convinced that the low-priced “special ticket” information in the search engine is low. It must be confirmed whether it is a qualified and legal ticket agent. Business, pay attention to identify and verify the authenticity of the electronic ticket number. Bookings should try to choose a large regular booking website or an official airline website.

Online shopping platform article: Black agent swindles to get the ticket after the refund

Recently, many consumers have encountered cases of black agent fraud in booking tickets on some large C2C shopping websites. The reporter learned that some black agent sellers first booked the ticket through the normal ticketing procedure. After the consumer verified the ticket information payment through the airline, the ticket refund disappeared. There are also many illegal agents who sell their products to customers at a price higher than the actual fare in order to earn the difference, so that the interests of consumers are impaired.

Insiders pointed out that with the development of online shopping, many unqualified black tickets can easily open online stores, which directly leads to frequent online shopping ticket fraud. And because many formal shopping platforms only provide trading platforms, they do not verify the seller's qualifications and trading commodities in detail, and let the criminals drill the "empty".

In addition, there are also many consumer complaints. Many small agents on the online shopping platform have poor service levels. Many people have encountered difficulties in booking tickets and making trouble refunds. The industry believes that this is also related to these websites as an online shopping intermediary platform, which is not able to effectively regulate and supervise the service quality and service processes of all agents in the store.

Experts said that consumers must pay more attention when purchasing tickets on online shopping sites such as Taobao to identify whether the seller is a regular and legal ticket agent. At the same time, to prevent similar fraud, you should try to choose a ticket at a large ticket agency or airline.

Part of online shopping: hotel prices are seriously

Recently, some C2C shopping websites have launched hotel reservation platforms. Due to the mixed and uneven variety of small and medium-sized agents, some consumers have reported that some hotel prices are seriously untrue.

According to a complaint from Miss Wang, she booked a five-star luxury hotel in Puxi, Shanghai on a C2C website. She saw a seller’s store with a price tag of 450 yuan/night, and the remaining 100 rooms on the Internet could be displayed. Booking. However, when the seller contacted the seller, the other party informed that the room of 450 yuan was gone. The price of the room was 950 yuan, which was more than doubled. The seller also said that "all the hotel title 'reference price' is very low, to attract people to inquiry, so we can only mark very low and very low..." Miss Wang understands that the original ultra-low price is only the hotel as The scorpion attracts customers.

Some hotel industry professionals pointed out that many hotel sellers on Taobao and other C2C shopping platforms are not the hotel itself, but a variety of small and medium-sized agents and even online scalpers. These sellers tend to attract customers with low-priced dice, but many of the prices are untrue, or they are unable to place an order at the end, or they are told that the hotel price has risen at the time of booking. There are also some troubles after the booking is refunded.

Hotel experts suggest that consumers should choose a regular hotel reservation platform when booking a hotel. When booking a hotel online, you must be vigilant when encountering a small difference between the small and medium agent quotes and the market price.

Black agent article: Shanzhai website to fake real

Recently, there have been some websites on the Internet that are very similar to the planning or content of airlines or large booking websites, using low-cost tickets as decoys for fraud. It is understood that scammers generally use various reasons, such as preventing the ticket price from rising, two orders cannot be paid together, no payment of fees, insurance premiums, or tickets have been sold out and recommended to change flights, so that consumers can continue to transfer money to their accounts. .

Travel experts remind consumers that when booking a ticket, as long as it is a counterfeit agent that allows customers to remit directly to their personal bank account with a bank card, they need to be vigilant.

At the same time, consumers should try to choose a well-known ticket booking channel to purchase tickets. Be careful to identify some large booking website URLs. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is a regular booking website. It depends on whether the website has the operational record of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and whether it has the certification qualification of CATA (China Civil Aviation Transportation Association).

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