A week of civil aviation business dynamics review (2006.07.31-08.06)

This week, let’s first take a look at the situation of private aviation:

Since the establishment of the first private aviation “Spring Airlines”, four private airlines have been established. There must be at least five aircraft to meet the initial operations of low-cost airlines, but the current four fleet sizes have not reached this level. Their operating income is not enough to cover operating costs, such as landing fees, route fees, fuel and labor costs, as for late investment, it must be obtained from external financing . The civil aviation industry is a high-investment industry. The registered capital of private airlines is only about 80 million yuan to 100 million yuan. The purchase of a Boeing 737 aircraft requires 300 million to 500 million yuan. Due to the lack of strong financial support, Kay, Eagle, East Star Spring and four private airlines to fly in the form of multi-operating aircraft leases. Financing has become an inevitable choice for the later development of private aviation. Although the road to the future is full of dangers for private aviation, the enthusiasm of investors is even more fierce than the difficulties ahead. After entering the aircraft manufacturing industry through the holding of the Shanghai Eagle Eagle Technology Company Curve, the Zhejiang private enterprise predator , Jinggong Group, has also built an airline . Jinggong Shanghai Eagle Technology Co., Ltd. confirmed that its subsidiary Shanghai Sikorsky Aircraft Company is preparing to build “ Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd. ” . If approved, this will be the first Class A general aviation company in Shanghai. According to the General Aviation Business License Management Regulations, Class A general aviation companies can operate projects including land and sea oil services, helicopter off-board payload flights, artificial precipitation, medical rescue, aviation prospecting, aerial tours, official flights, private or commercial Flight driving license training, helicopter piloting operations, aircraft escrow operations, rental flights, general aviation charter flights, etc. At the beginning of this year, the State Administration of Civil Aviation issued measures to support the promotion of Class A General Aviation to upgrade to public air transport enterprises and to operate branch transportation.

State-owned airlines:

August will formally stake in Hainan Airlines Hong Kong Express Airways. The shares do not exceed 50 %. Hong Kong United Airlines officially opened regular flights between Chongqing and Hong Kong today. The new flights are operated three times a week and are operated by E170 regional airliners. Most people in the industry believe that HNA’s motive for acquiring Hong Kong Airlines is the same as its acquisition of Zhongfu Airlines, which is to use their rights in Hong Kong and to buy planes in Hong Kong. At present, the routes of HNA flight are mainly domestic, and there are only two international routes to be implemented. It is more convenient to invest in Hong Kong airlines to develop international routes. As the route operated by the Hong Kong United Airlines is mainly based on feeder lines and the aircraft has a single cabin and no business class, the Hong Kong Federation hopes to provide frequent shuttle services for Hong Kong to and from the Mainland cities to attract more business travelers to fly to other cities via Hong Kong. . He revealed that the company plans to open scheduled flights between Chengdu and Nanning to Hong Kong at the end of this year, and then expand routes to neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. For both parties, this is what it is. In terms of e-tickets, airlines are striving to realize their own ticket electronic . After Air China announced that it has stopped issuing paper tickets since 2007 , China Eastern Airlines recently said that it plans to sell two tickets each year, including one electronic ticket. Although major airlines have clearly defined the timetable for promoting e-tickets, the “ electronics ” of airline tickets still suffer from three major problems, such as the doubtfulness of online payment security. Problem 1: “Self-boarding” cannot be completely “self-help”; Problem 2: Some domestic airports lack equipment support; Problem 3: Online payment security is doubtful. From the current point of view, ticket agents still occupy a certain advantage. Agent points can get low team prices, and this price still has the advantage of attracting passengers. When selling traditional tickets, airline ticket agents want to pay for paper, printing and distribution costs, the implementation of e-ticket, this expenditure will shrink, agents can save investment in sales outlets, and even the office does not need to be used. " The “moving ticket sales ” approach may further reduce the price of tickets sold at each agent point.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan:

Hong Kong's first low-cost airline took off in October . Although Hong Kong's first low-cost airline, Ganquan Airlines , only landed in Hong Kong in October , many airlines in Hong Kong have been gearing up to fight, even in the summer season, to launch rare low-cost tickets to and from London. The Singapore Airlines spokesperson acknowledged that the price of the London ticket was the lowest since SARS in 2003 , due to market demand and room for price reduction, and there are also trends indicating that the public is inclined to choose long-term tourism this year. Another airline, British Airways, which joined the " price reduction war " , said that the preferential price launched this year is similar to last year's 3,390 yuan, but admitted that the offer was introduced earlier than in the past, mainly in response to the price trend of air tickets on the market. Compared with Hong Kong, the Macau International Airport has increased passenger and cargo traffic by 10% in the first half of this year . The passenger and cargo volume and aircraft movements handled by the Macau International Airport in June this year have both increased by more than 10% compared with the same period of last year. In the first half of this year, the total number of passengers on the Taiwan-Australia route reached 1.18 million, accounting for approximately the total number of passengers at the airport. The amount is fifty-two. As the source market in the Mainland will be a major growth point for the future air passenger market, in order to make full use of the advantages of Macau International Airport's route network and a number of low-cost airlines, it will attract more residents in the vicinity of the Pearl River Delta to use Macau. Airport travel, Macau international Airport Union, yesterday and today at the "excitement in Macau off Zhuhai Haitian City Shopping Plaza with AirAsia, Air Macau, Viva Macau, Zhuhai Gongbei Travel aviation services Limited, StarWorld hotel and Australia Cheung Travel " Promotion activities to further expand the source market in the Mainland. Taiwan’s China Airlines, which is across the sea, is also actively expanding its cooperation with foreign airlines. Recent share cooperation with Delta Air Lines in August 2006 the company began to expand cooperation in two-way code. August 1 From China Airlines to increase Delta code-share routes, including Los Angeles to the United States by the State of Connecticut Hartford (Hartford), Columbus, Ohio (Columbus) and North Carolina Duran Raleigh (Raleigh /Durham ). The cooperation of airline code sharing ( codeshare ) not only effectively utilizes the resources of both airlines, augmented waypoints, but more importantly, it provides convenience and value-added services for passengers. Through this cooperation mode, passengers can take the China Airlines flight to the inland of the United States, or fly to the destinations of Taiwan or Asia on the Delta Airline flight, not only can enjoy the incomparable air service and convenient transfer of the two airlines. For ground service, members of the two airlines will also enjoy the full journey and redemption of the ticket when they board the flight.

other aspects:

The price of oil is really a concern for too many people. It affects the increase or decrease of its own cost for airlines, and it means more fuel surcharge for passengers who usually fly. Recently , China Aviation Oil Management disclosed that domestic jet fuel prices have once again increased by RMB 290/ ton, up by about 5% , resulting in jet fuel prices exceeding RMB 5,800/ ton . The official website of the National Development and Reform Commission has not disclosed any news on the increase in jet fuel prices. The relevant person in charge of the Information Office of the Policy Research Office of the National Development and Reform Commission said that the Information Office has not yet received this news and cannot confirm its reliability. Civil Aviation Administration was informed that it has been determined once again to extend the levy fuel surcharges time after October 10 this year, and is likely to further increase in the levy on existing standards. According to industry insiders, although the fuel surcharge can compensate for the cost of airlines to a certain extent, it is difficult to fundamentally reverse the airline's full-year loss. Compared with the unfavorable news that the fuel has risen, the Zhuhai Airport , which has been in an awkward position, seems to have a glimmer of life . The central government has approved the establishment of a joint venture between the Zhuhai SASAC and the Hong Kong Airport Authority to jointly manage the Zhuhai Airport under the franchise model. The cooperation between the Hong Kong and Zhuhai Airports, which has been delayed for many years, has finally been implemented. This is also the Hong Kong Airport and the Pearl River Delta Airport that Hong Kong and Guangdong have negotiated for many years. The cooperation between the two companies made a big breakthrough for the first time, and it also made Hong Kong Airport an important step in the expansion after joining the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. According to the relevant agreement, Zhuhai Airport Management Company needs to pay the franchise fee and own the franchise of Zhuhai Airport for a period of 20 years. The joint venture parties will further discuss the timing and details of the establishment of the joint venture company. During the franchise period, the joint venture company will be fully responsible for the operation of Zhuhai Airport, formulate business development strategies for Zhuhai Airport, and give full play to the synergies between the two airports in the use of resources. The joint venture company will build new management based on the existing Zhuhai management team. The new management team will work closely with existing employees at Zhuhai Airport to expand the mainland route network and increase the diversity of airport air services.

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